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Podcast Ep. 66: Repurposing Your Law Firm’s Thought Leadership Content

by Good2bSocial • October 25th, 2018 • Podcast

In this episode of Legal Marketing 2.0 the Business Development Manager at McNair, Jessica Haarsgaard, discusses her firm’s strategy when it comes to repurposing content and taking advantage of outside partnerships to expand an article’s reach.

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Podcast Show Notes

Jessica Haarsgaard is the Business Development Manager at McNair, where she manages client-facing projects and activities for the Marketing & Business Development Department. She is responsible for client development event management, project management for McNair’s premier client relations program, drafting client dossiers and RFPs, practice group support, and sponsorship fulfillment, among other duties. Jessica has been actively involved in the Legal Marketing Association since she entered the legal industry, and has served on the LMA Southeast Region’s Board of Directors for the past three years. She is the 2019 LMA Southeast Region President.

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Develop a repurposing strategy

McNair’s content strategy is to produce quality content in a timely manner. They work to publish content that is very targeted. For example, after Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas, the firm published a disaster recovery research guide. They distributed this guide as a client alert, through social media, and then wrote a similar article which was the base of a newsletter. In order to reach the right clients at the right time, McNair chooses to focus on hot topics that actually affect their audience and then distribute the information through a variety of channels.

McNair has the mindset of “write a great piece and use it many times”. The marketing and business development department evaluates whether the article should be placed more than once on the firm’s site and then they decide what channels they should be shared through.

Repurposing content in different formats

It’s important to redistribute content in different formats as well. Sometimes client alerts may function even better as a video. McNair tries to evaluate what the best source of delivery for a piece of content is. When specific articles gain a lot of traction or interest, create more content. For example, when one article published by McNair resulted in many questions, the firm produced an entire event series based on it. After the event series, they offered the attendees a fixed-fee consultation to further answer related questions. McNair has also succeeded in encouraging their attorneys to support this content strategy as well.

Take Advantage of Outside Partnerships

Several years ago McNair connected with an outside partner and was able to gain permission to use one article per month from that partner. This has resulted in a lot of traction and the ability to improve repurposed content.

Another example of McNair utilizing their partnerships is to reach out to appropriate channels such as Terralex to enhance the reach that their content has. The content that McNair is strategically placing in outside publications have definitely had great outcomes. As a result, the firm has seen new engagement and clients from these avenues.

Tips for Repurposing Content

First, come up with a strategy and decide which type of strategy you want to use for each piece of content. Also, take advantage of external partnerships. In order to get attorneys on board measure the success of your content marketing and show them the value and ROI of the content that they’ve written.


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