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Podcast Ep. 98: Law Firm Email Newsletters Crafted with a Unique Voice Engage and Convert

by Guy Alvarez • September 24th, 2019 • Podcast

In this podcast, Margo Aaron, a marketing copy expert, speaks about ways marketers can craft law firm email newsletters that engage and convert.

Margo Aaron began her career in psychology research and fortuitously transitioned into marketing and is the founder of That Seems Important. She talks with us about how her background in psychology has influenced the success she’s had with her business, which focuses on the importance of showcasing personality and offering up unique value in order to effectively engage your target market. You can connect with Margo on her website ThatSeemsImportant.com or on LinkedIn here.

Podcast Show Notes

How did you accidentally land yourself in marketing?

Well, I started in behavioral psychology, and it occurred to me that psychology and marketing are intertwined. Behavioral psychology is involved in understanding how to connect with the person on the other side of the marketing message.

What works and what doesn’t work when it comes to email?

First, you have to understand email as a channel. So unlike an ad, website, or social media, email is personal because it is where we interact with the people who matter to us.

As marketers we don’t want to be ignored and to do that, we have to turn email into a two way street, not a distribution channel for our content. In order to make that work, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the person receiving the email, and write what they would care to hear about and what would benefit them. 

How can you make your content more engaging?

Visualize who you’re actually writing to and how they will react. What your content should do is feel like an inside joke with your audience. This could be done by using jargon, which the readers will understand because they are in that field. The more specific you are with your language, the easier it will be for people to connect to you and what you’re saying.  

How do you create added value in your services for the client?

Go beyond doing a great job and position yourself as someone who is looking for your customer or client’s best interest. This can also be in terms of being up to date on the news in your client’s practice of law, and sharing that information with your client.

How long should newsletters to clients be?

You have to think about your demographic; what are they looking for that can benefit them and where does that intersect with your brand and your capabilities? What do they want in their inbox?

How often should newsletters be sent out to clients?

One rule is, it’s never annoying if you’re the market but you want to maintain respect. You can never go wrong with a weekly or monthly, but commit to one and don’t miss it. Timing also depends on the goal of your newsletter, if it is to add value for existing clients then monthly is just fine, but if it is to up-sell, then increase the frequency to stay top of mind.


Law firm email newsletters serve as an opportunity to showcase your firm’s experience, expertise, as well as unique value. Build your email list and increase engagement with a newsletter that shows personality, and is specifically written for the intended audience. Ask yourself, would I be interested in receiving the content of this newsletter if I was on the other side of it? Your existing and potential clients will be more apt to engaging with your newsletter when it feels more personalized.


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