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Podcast Ep. 67: How to Generate Referrals Without Asking

by Good2bSocial • October 31st, 2018 • Podcast

In this podcast, Stacey Brown Randall discusses her five steps to generate referrals without asking. From identifying referral sources to executing a referral process, Stacey discusses how law firms can create meaningful and memorable touchpoints to build stronger relationships.

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Podcast Show Notes

Stacey Brown Randall dared to ask the question, can we receive referrals without asking for them? After a painful business failure, her quest was to build and grow a second successful business by nailing client generation which lead her to develop her 5 step process to unleashing a referral explosion. Stacey is the author of Generating Business Referrals…Without Asking and host of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast. She is also a wife to one, mother to three, and champion of the entrepreneurial dream for all.

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Three “sales” plans every firm needs

Most people already have two of these three plans. The first plan that most firms have is a marketing plan and they understand that this is a long term strategy. The second plan that they typically have is their prospecting plan – how many clients they hope to convert on a short term basis. Most firms operate in both areas. The third plan that many firms don’t have is a referral plan. Law firms need a separate strategy for the activities they need to do in order to generate referrals. Generating referrals involves an entire process of building relationships which is entirely different from prospecting and marketing.

How do you define a referral?

There is always a personal connection behind the referal – the referral source – that knows and trusts what you do and knows a person who needs your services. The second piece that has to be there is a need – someone needs to be in the buying mentality before they want to have a conversation with you.

What is your philosophy on why referrals happen?

Referrals happen because somebody has a need and somebody else wants to help them solve it. Referrals only come from relationships which means you need to build and maintain these relationships. The easiest way to put this into a process is to make sure these connections are happening through touchpoints. You need to create touchpoints that truly build relationships with your contacts. This can be in the form of meeting with them, hosting an event, or sending them a gift. You may need to look at your top referral partners as a whole and decide what they would appreciate in return for the referrals they send you. You can find a way to be memorable and meaningful by going against what everyone else does.

What is the foundation to be able to receive referrals?

You need to make sure you have a sticky client experience meaning that your clients will stick around and become repeat clients while speaking positively about you to others. It’s important to create a referral process so that you remain focused on building relationships despite a lack of time.

What are your 5 steps to generate referrals without asking?

  1. Identify who refers you now. Who sends you clients?
  2. Have an immediate follow-up process to send a thank you note.
  3. Build your referral generating plan. How are you going to execute this plan?
  4. Use language with your referral sources that sends the message that you see them as a referral source, but isn’t too direct.
  5. Execute this process and make it a habit.


Go back to identifying who your referral sources are and consider if you’re doing enough to continuously generate referrals. You need to have a roadmap to know where you’re going.


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