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Podcast Ep. 48: The Changing Role of Law Firm Marketers With Kevin Vermeulen

by Good2bSocial • May 2nd, 2018 • Podcast

Kevin Vermeulen, Partner and Chief Operating Officer for Good2bSocial, with more than 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, gives his take on the changing role of law firm marketers.

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How will the role of law firm CMOs change?

One of the biggest changes for law firm CMOs has been marketing technology which has allowed marketers to understand the market better, reach a larger audience, generate more leads, and track what’s working and what’s not. Marketing automation has opened a lot of opportunities for marketers to reach the right audience and track their ROI. However, marketing technology has also proved problematic for some law firm CMOs. Now partners can ask for specific data to support the investments spent on marketing efforts. Even with emerging technologies, it’s still necessary for marketers to pay attention to the creative and networking aspects of marketing as well – reliance on new technology isn’t enough for an integrated marketing strategy.

The Issues Big Law Marketers Face When Generating Leads

Big Law firms’ client base is not the consumer, but rather in-house counsel or corporate executives. The shifting roles within the general counsel of companies makes it difficult for large law firms to maintain relationships. This is why it’s increasingly important for big law firms to constantly provide valuable information across digital platforms in order to consistently reach prospective clients. When law firms establish themselves as thought leaders, they make it easy for lawyers to find them when searching for information on specific topics. By coaching old school partners on new school content marketing strategies, marketers can help their firm build relationships with prospects through useful content.


The law firm marketers themselves need to continue to do their own learning and understand the technology while always looking at what competitors are doing. It’s essential to search outside of the legal industry into other professional services industries for innovative marketing strategies that various types of companies implement. Being open to different ideas and pushing executive teams to try something new will help law firms track and measure what marketing efforts actually work.

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