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Podcast Ep. 28: DLA Piper's Juliet McNulty and Josh Epstein Talk Digital Marketing on a Global Scale

by Good2bSocial • December 5th, 2017 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 podcast, we chat with DLA Piper’s Juliet McNulty, Senior Digital Communications Manager, and Josh Epstein, Director of Communications. DLA Piper has been ranked the top firm in the Social Law Firm Index year after year including in 2017. Juliet and Josh shares insights into how the firm maintains high quality content consistently, collaborating across offices in more than 40 countries, and working with partners and members of the firm on their marketing campaigns.

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How does DLA Piper maintain digital marketing success year after year?

Social media isn’t anything new for the company, it has been part of the external communications strategy for years. Gradually as results have become more evident, lawyers have embraced digital marketing and have become an integral part of the marketing process.

How do you determine the most effective platform for content?

It’s important to consider the message of the content before deciding which platform will be the most effective. For example, pro bono work and community relations typically go on Facebook. On the other hand, thought leadership and business oriented content goes on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Advice for law firm marketers

As a law firm marketer, you want to make yourself available as a resource to the lawyers. At DLA Piper, the marketing team gives a lot of training presentations, but also offers one-on-one help. This training can help lawyers understand how to maintain their social profiles and how to choose which content to post. The marketing team also provides year end analytics reports with examples of successful pieces of content and top campaigns to show what digital communications can do for lawyers.

How do you accomplish a cohesive strategy among 40+ offices?

Constant communication is essential when working on global scale. All of DLA Piper’s offices share the same overarching business strategy so it’s important to be cohesive in their digital presence as well. The U.S. firm will often look at what digital marketing strategies are working well in international firms and implement these strategies domestically. Being a large firm is a good thing in that there are always lawyers willing to participate in these marketing efforts.

Creating a strategy around content

The marketing strategy is informed by the overall business strategy of DLA Piper. By prioritizing top performing sectors and creating campaigns around major company events like the DLA Piper Global Real Estate Summit, the marketing team works in conjunction with what the firm and practice areas are trying to focus on.

Is there a training regimen?

DLA Piper has created guidelines for best digital marketing practices in order to ensure consistency across the firm. All lawyers and employees are trained to understand and adhere to these practices when representing the firm online.


As a multinational law firm, DLA Piper has developed cohesive social and digital marketing strategies over the years. Above all, the quality of the content is the most important and the marketing team focuses on training lawyers to understand the best ways to create the right kind of content and how to publicize it digitally.

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