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Podcast Ep. 146: Differentiators in Marketing for Women Attorneys

by Natalie Moe • November 11th, 2021 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy is joined by Betiayn Tursi, the Global Chair and Co-Founder of the Women in Law Empowerment Forum, or as it is known WILEF. Now in its 15th year, WILEF is at the forefront of making women in law firms write their success stories. WILEF also benchmarks law firms to ensure they are working toward retaining, promoting, and compensating women to the highest levels. Betiayn joins us today to discuss some of the key differences in women attorneys, what challenges they may face, and insight into how male vs. female attorneys market themselves.

Podcast Shownotes

1. What are some of the inherent challenges that women face when it comes to internal marketing?

Internal marketing is key. Women and men both do this, but women tend to have a plan. Becoming a partner in a law firm is not easy. I think women are nurturing. That word is paramount in how they approach becoming a partner. I’m not high on mentoring and never have been. I think it’s great.  I think you need a mentor, but you need a sponsor. You need somebody who’s going to get you to the finish line. I believe women can have that nurturing role and utilize it even when they reach out for a sponsor to get them through to that partnership

2. Who prepares a better marketing plan…men or women attorneys?

Women, hands down, because they put more thought into their marketing plans. I found that I did a marketing strategy plan for one of the law firms I worked with, and it was as if there were ten questions to create this marketing plan that needed answering. Most men would say here are the ten clients I want to grow. Women would say, here are the ten clients I want to get.

3. What are the differences in how female and male attorneys market themselves?

I think having a clear focus and direction is a difference. I’ve worked with men and women, and I think men are more in your face, whereas women will put it out there and then step back and say, okay, let’s see what happens. It’s a more structured approach. Combining personal and professional, this is a crucial element that women do so fabulously they can combine their personal lives and their professional lives. Women tend to share their war stories about raising their children, styles of raising their children, single mothers, women without children, where men are much less willing to share anything about their personal lives at work.

4. What strategies do you think women do better in marketing/promoting themselves?

Women can sit down next to someone, a total stranger, and start a conversation, and they have a lot in common. But I find that women can have a more broad spectrum of how to engage with people. Of course, women always have that follow-up phone call or a handwritten note, but that’s the difference. Men don’t have that expectation. Women understand style and substance, and that’s key.

5. What’s your opinion on the trend of women leaving Am 100 and 200 law firms to start their own law firms?

I think that’s a good thing and a bad thing as well. I know of two very successful women who were both at major law firms and went out on their own and started their law firm, and it’s not easy to start a new law firm. Most of the women that do it have a clear solid book of business and most are litigators. So you need to have a client base that you can rely on, but once a woman or two women or three women make up their mind, hey, we’re going to do this, and they got a plan, then I think that it’s great.


Betiayn shares her insight into what some of the key differences are between male and female attorneys. Overall, attorneys who are women bring a unique perspective and angle when it comes to marketing. If you’re unsure about how to market yourself or your firm, contact us today for a consultation in order to take this next step in your marketing journey.


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