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Podcast Ep. 130: Public Relations and Marketing for Law Firms; Crisis Planning and Management

by Talia Schwartz • June 10th, 2021 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Gina Rubel, the CEO of Furia Rubel Communications, a nationally-known law firm, public relations, and crisis communications agency, shares her insight on the importance of public relations and how it can support a law firm’s overall business plan. Furthermore, Gina and Guy discuss the marriage between public relations and social media marketing, and provide tips on how to make social media content more meaningful from a PR perspective. Tune in to learn how public relations can assist a law firm’s content marketing strategy, business development, and overall strategic business plans. Connect with Gina on Twitter and Linkedin.

Podcast Show Notes

How does public relations support a law firm’s overall strategic business plan?

Public relations isn’t a standalone practice of marketing. Social media engagement, content marketing, even crisis communications, they’re no longer siloed practices. When a law firm is looking to grow in a particular area of practice a great way to gain more credibility is to publish articles to get quoted in the media regarding those specific matters to increase the thought leadership on the website. Then share those articles through social media and as part of your request for proposal (RFP).

It should be part and parcel with the business strategy if you know that your law firm is up for a big RFP, getting that kind of content on your site or sharing articles where you’ve been quoted before to create a level of credibility. We always make sure that the PR marries the law firm business and communication strategy. If a firm is going through M&A and is looking to grow in a particular market or they have a really strong practice that they want to recruit for, PR can support all of those things. 

How does public relations support a law firm’s content marketing strategy?

Content for content sake, is a waste of time. We identify key phrases that are most important for a particular practice and we look at what the business opportunities are. We then come up with some key thought leadership articles that are very timely and relevant. We also make sure those key terms from a content and search engine optimization perspective are included in a way that has integrity. So it’s making sure that all the ingredients are in the recipe, so that the recipe turns out perfect.

How does public relations support law firm business development?

I should say the marketing team has to have a seat at the table and in the bigger firms business development have to be speaking to marketing. It must start internally at the law firms as an external support team. With that we can understand what the clients biggest challenges are, so that you’re addressing those challenges in the PR materials.

How do you support law firms and their clients through a crisis?

One key point that I think is important for listeners is oftentimes lawyers will refer us to their clients to handle a crisis, and if it has to do with litigation, we will not work with a client unless it’s through counsel. It is a very slippery slope and there are a lot of PR agencies that do that, we do not, we make sure we work through the Council to provide the highest level of protection to their clients.

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Public relations as well as marketing are no longer single and excluded entities when it comes to executing powerful and practical business strategies. The perfect marriage between these departments, as well as the law firm as a whole, can lead to impressive results for clients across the board. Gone are the days in which public relations is seen as an isolated niche branch.

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