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Podcast Ep. 118: How to Integrate Video Into Your Law Firm’s Content Marketing Strategy

by Madeline Miller • June 24th, 2020 • Podcast

In this episode of Legal Marketing 2.0, host Guy Alvarez is joined by Jay Plum, a legal marketing and communications professional to discuss how to integrate video in your law firm’s content marketing strategy. 

Jay is the Director of Communications at Bracewell LLP, a leading law and government relations firm primarily serving the energy, finance and technology industries throughout the world. Jay is in charge of improving, maintaining, and developing the firm’s image through digital marketing. He’s had a ton of success with video marketing and joins us today to share his learnings and tips. You can connect with Jay on LinkedIn here.

Podcast Show Notes

Why should video be part of a law firm’s content marketing plan?

There are three reasons. First, clients like to consume video because it is a quick and easy way to consume content. Second, it creates brand awareness. Video allows you to cut through all of the noise of your competitors’ social and digital campaigns. Third, video has the ability to humanize your firm and your lawyers.

How can lawyers produce video content and what sort of videos should law firms produce?

One thing I have learned is that your videos do not have to be super polished and professional, they can be shot on an iPhone or iPad. The type of video depends on which social media channel it is for and your social media strategy, as well as the intended purpose of the video. Different social media channels are used for different purposes, and therefore users’ expectations vary across platforms.

Where can you find topics for videos?

Ideally you want content that speaks to your clients, but it can be difficult to determine what exactly that is. Start by finding out what your clients’ business needs are and how your firm can address them. Another approach is to repurpose old content into videos, use old blog posts, white papers and webinar content to create engaging and informative videos.

How can you get lawyers to participate in video marketing?

Quantify the results to truly show their value to get the lawyers on board to participate. This is key.

How do you measure ROI?

If the video is about one of the lawyers, see how many visits their bio page receives or how many profile views on LinkedIn they have after the release of the video. Or if the purpose of the video is lead generation, measure how many new leads or clients your firm receives after posting the video.


Law firms can incorporate video into their overall content marketing strategy to increase engagement and create more personal connections with their target audience. Video marketing ticks all the boxes if you want to generate more traffic, develop more leads, and new business. It’s also not too difficult or expensive. Videos can easily be shot on an iPhone.

If you need help producing professional videos or developing a video marketing strategy for your law firm, we can help.

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