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Podcast Ep. 116: What do clients expect from law firms in today’s “new normal”?

by Talia Schwartz • May 28th, 2020 • Podcast

In order to thrive in this new environment, law firms need to be client-centric now more than ever. In this episode, Guy is joined by Yolanda Cartusciello and Bob Robertson to discuss law firm communications strategies and best practices in today’s “new normal”. Yolanda is a Partner, and Bob a Senior Consultant in PP&C Consulting, a strategic consulting firm focused on law firms and professional services. In May, PP&C launched the RevTeam, an innovative approach to providing fractional C-suite and supporting marketing, business development and communications services to law firms so they can successfully navigate today’s new business challenges. Visit their website to find out more about PP&C or connect with Yolanda on LinkedIn here and Bob on LinkedIn here.

Podcast Show Notes

What are clients telling us they find most valuable from law firms right now in terms of a marketing, business development or communications perspective?

It depends on the client and the law firm. Overall, clients are looking for practical advice from someone who understands their business, their industry and their challenges. Law firms should be focused on their client’s needs and not some blanket approach or cookie cutter advice.

What clear attributes are distinguishing lawyers and firms in the midst of this crisis? Give us some examples.

One attribute is the clear return to the trusted advisor, but with a twist. This is a time where clients are asking for specific firms and using specific lawyers as their contact point for legal advice. Narrowing down your firm’s focus areas can help attract clients who have those specific needs. Additionally, firms are looking at new ways to innovate. For example: offering services in a new way to compensate for this new environment we are all adjusting to.

In terms of client service, what are clients really looking for and how do firms practically execute on it as they face their own economic pressures?

Instead of offering a list of services for your clients to select from, firms can learn what their clients are looking for by asking them directly. Ask the client what they want and need from you and your firm. This ensures that you and your firm will satisfy your client’s needs to the best of your ability. In terms of executing their services in a more affordable way, firms have accelerated their services or offered a cost effective product.

Initially we heard that clients were turning to their existing, most-trusted advisors. As the crisis matures, are there opportunities for new entrants, as well as smaller and mid-size firms. What are those opportunities?

Firms that are fully client-centric have the most opportunity to succeed in finding and serving new clients. These firms are putting themselves in the shoes of their clients, and not putting themselves and the firm first.

Are law firms’ marketing, business development and communications functions appropriately equipped and configured to respond to the “new normal”?

I do not believe that law firms were ever equipped to respond to this new environment. Many of these firms were focused inward on their own internal issues and structure, and not looking to learn about issues that their clients might be struggling with. This new environment has posed as an opportunity for firms to rethink and look beyond their internal structure and start looking to their clients and serving them in the most efficient and effective ways possible despite the circumstances. This mindset will trickle down to the marketing teams and will recalibrate their tactics and strategies.


Law firms that are most attuned to their clients’ needs will be able to better serve them and in response, drive higher returns. We suggest that firms create new strategies based on client expectations and unique situations. This is also an ideal time for law firms to narrow their focus in order to attract those clients that have specialized needs.

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