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Podcast Ep. 107: How a Partner at Mayer Brown Approaches Building Her Own Brand

by Guy Alvarez • December 17th, 2019 • Podcast

In this episode, Guy Alvarez discusses how female lawyers can build their brand and develop business with guest, Nina Flax. Nina is a partner and the leader of Mayer Brown’s Northern California Corporate and Securities practice. Nina works on M&A, joint ventures, investing and commercial transactions. You can connect with Nina on LinkedIn here.



Podcast Show Notes


When discussing a potential title for your podcast, you suggested, “Who Am I? Building your Brand and Developing Business.”

I suggested that because I was reading an article recently that stated, there’s not a plausible answer to the question, “Who am I?” Because we’re always changing. From a psychological perspective, the article indicated that the more that people seek to identify who they are, the less comfortable they feel.

How do you approach building your brand and developing business?

You have to know who you are and what general attributes you have that can apply to a professional setting. Then I think about what I would like to facilitate, what I would like to experience, and what I would like to accomplish. I use these ideas to help form my brand and how I want to look to people.

How do you think your genuine approach to dealing with clients has helped raise your brand? 

Since people can pick up on the fact that “what they see in a way is what they get,” and that helps them form expectations from me. Although many women feel uncomfortable marketing themselves, they just have to find somewhere where they are comfortable enough to start.

What are your top brand building tips in the business development process?

I think it is most important to be yourself. The second most important thing is to find the things you enjoy doing and the things that you are not self motivated to do and prioritize them.

How have you utilized social media?

I use social media as a way to build my brand in a few different ways. First, is in my spare time, and keeping up with LinkedIn and using it as a news source to see what clients are posting. Secondly, I use LinkedIn to see what articles and posts my contacts are engaging with. Next, I make sure after any event, I connect on LinkedIn with people that I genuinely connected with at the event. Finally, I try to recognize valuable posts on LinkedIn. Such as if one of my contacts posts something, not only do I like and comment, I make sure to mention it to a mutual colleague of mine and the contact.

What advice can you share with junior attorneys on how to differentiate their brand?

I would tell them to think about who you are, what drives you and to be honest. Also, focus on building referral sources, both externally and within your firm, stay connected with alumni, but also connect with new colleagues and clients personally and on platforms like LinkedIn.


In order to build and further your brand, you must know who you are and what attributes you have that make you unique. When establishing your brand in a workplace setting or across your social media channels, focus on being your authentic self. And remember – your brand is much more than your bio and cover photo.

While lawyers don’t need decades for social media branding, some patience is absolutely required. Contact us today if you need help developing a social media strategy that will set you on the path for improving your brand online.

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