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Podcast Ep. 106: Why Law Firms That Focus on Content Experience Drive Higher Client Engagement

by Kevin Vermeulen • December 10th, 2019 • Podcast

In this episode, Guy Alvarez discusses the notion of “content experiences” with guest, Jenn Bankston. Content experience is the evolved legal marketers’ approach to content marketing, with a shift in focus from creation and consumption to experience and engagement. Tune in to learn how you can create your own content experience strategy with insights and best practices.

Jenn Bankston is the president of Bankston Marketing Solutions, where she works with law firms and technology driven companies. Jenn has a background as a law firm chief of marketing and business development officer, and has held consulting positions at the big four accounting firms. You can connect with Jenn on LinkedIn here.


Podcast Show Notes

How did you get into legal marketing?

So I heard of legal marketing in the early 2000s and was attracted to it because you could enter the field with a blank slate and create programs for professional services firm that had direct impact. Then I started Bankston Marketing Solutions to combine the different aspects of my background of technology and marketing so I could serve my clients better by using my technology background to find solutions in the market.

Do you think that law firms and other professional service firms are adopting technology at a faster rate?

I do believe that they are adopting technology, such as different business intelligence tools that use artificial intelligence.

What is content experience?

Content experience is the total interactions someone has with your digital content and the impression that it leaves on them, it enables you to nurture what you’re putting into the market in order for clients to interact with it. There are three main areas of this, the environment, the structure and engagement. For the environment aspect, it has to be visually appealing, for structure, it is how you organize the content and for engagement, did we, as marketers, reach out to our clients and understand their needs.

What are some of the business intelligence tools you use for content experience?

  1. Mouseflow is a tool that boosts two-way engagement. It enables you to create custom interactive surveys to target a specific audience in a second.
  2. Siteimprove is used by law firms to create heat maps that help you to understand website visitor behavior.
  3. Zoomph is a social monitoring tool that helps provide in depth social media analytics. It notifies you of which keywords are being used in the market.
  4. Persado is an artificial intelligence tool that uses natural language technology to help personify content.

These tools can help you monitor your competitors and they can work as a social feed to boost employee engagement. 


A great way to start creating a content strategy is to conduct a content audit, evaluate the content you already have and the data and metrics from it. Use this information to create a content experience strategy that has more consumer-centric content or more SEO ranking content. Do this by identifying your target market and their wants and needs from your firm and create content around that. Keep in mind to make your content visually appealing, organized and to meet the needs of your clients. 

If you need assistance developing and executing a cohesive content marketing strategy for your firm that drives engagement and generates real business results, contact us today.




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