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Podcast Ep. 105: Interview with 2019 Social Law Firm Index Winner DLA Piper: What it Takes to be Number 1

by Guy Alvarez • December 3rd, 2019 • Podcast

In this episode, Guy Alvarez interviews Josh Epstein and Juliet McNulty from DLA Piper, this year’s winner of the 2019 Social Law Firm Index. Juliet is the Senior Digital Communications Manager at DLA, she oversees the firm’s communications for the U.S. including the website, microsites and social channels and Josh is the firm’s Director of Communications and oversees all internal and external communication efforts for DLA in the U.S. Tune in as Juliet and Josh shed some light on the strategies that enabled them to place number one. Follow DLA Piper on LinkedIn here and Twitter here.


Podcast Show Notes


How does the firm’s social media presence show who DLA Piper is?

Our digital marketing strategy has now become the firm’s overall marketing strategy, because it is our most used channel. Since DLA Piper is a large firm, it is important to show the market who we are, what our people are like and what they do. Social media is also a great way for our staff and lawyers to participate in the branding of the firm.

Why do you think you have such success on social media?

Since we have been sharing on social media for so long, the lawyers know that social media affords real opportunities for business development. They know when they write thought leadership content to promote their sector and practice, that it will be promoted on the appropriate social media channels to reach our followers.

What has changed year to year with your social media strategy?

We keep in mind the channel we are using when we post content, in order to make sure it is appropriate and reaching the right audience. This year we focused more on our Instagram to promote the social side of the firm, to showcase our corporate responsibility initiatives and the social events in various offices.

How have you been able to get your lawyers to participate in your social media efforts?

We are very transparent with the lawyers about the metrics from social media and we are interactive in partnering with them to create content. We do this by creating different practice groups to assist individuals on how to use social media and thus help them realize how effective it can be. We want the lawyers to be as excited as we are about social media and its opportunities for engagement.

DLA Piper is a global firm, so how are you able to coordinate social media campaigns on a global basis?

Our global digital team holds bi-weekly meetings to discuss the content that will be posted, in order to make sure that there is no overlap between campaigns from different regions. We also have local marketers for each region that handle the local language in our content.

What are some of the things that you guys are looking for in this year to come in terms of your network or content?

We plan to use the same digital marketing plan, but use metrics to refine our approach in how we can better communicate to our audience. We want to find new creative ways to produce content about the firm and how it works in order to increase levels of engagement. Social media is increasingly prioritizing videos and podcasts, so we want to become more active in those spaces.


Social Law Firm Index Winner DLA Piper has clearly demonstrated their prowess when it comes to digital marketing and social media. The firm’s success can be contributed to their unified marketing approach with consistent contributions from the lawyers. As well, their ability to discern the right messages for the proper channels. It’s important to bear in mind the audience you’re speaking to as they differ on LinkedIn and Instragam, for example. With a keen eye on measurement and analytics Juliet and Josh can glean actionable insights into what works and what doesn’t.

For complete rankings, download your copy of the 2019 Social Law Firm Index. If you’re having trouble generating the results you’d like on social media, contact us today. 



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