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Podcast Ep. 104: How Law Firms Can Amplify Their Social Media Marketing Efforts

by Guy Alvarez • November 19th, 2019 • Podcast

In this episode, Guy Alvarez discusses the ways in which law firms can amplify the impact of their social media marketing efforts with Glenn Gaudet. They discuss tactical and strategic measures firms should take, such as using podcasts as part of their marketing mix or encouraging employee advocacy to extend a firm’s message. Glenn is the CEO of GaggleAMP, whose mission is to help companies maximize the use of their social media platforms. Glenn is also the author of, Connection, Community and Conversation Making Social Media Work for Your Business, which is available on Amazon. You can connect with Glenn on LinkedIn here.

Podcast Show Notes

How did you get into this business and come up with GaggleAMP?

I started GaggleAMP nine years ago. It stemmed from an idea I had when I was interviewing for a Chief Marketing Officer position and the CEO asked me about the role of social media in the marketing mix. I answered that social media could be a tool for employees to engage as a social force and share content. So instead of taking the job, I started GaggleAMP and developed the first employee advocacy platform.

What is key in order to get your employees to be advocates?

If you think of this from a personal branding perspective, everyone has a personal brand on social media, so if you allow your employees to incorporate their personal brand into the content they are posting for your company, they will want to become advocates. In doing so, they are building their digital presence and personal brand while also promoting the company.

So I know one of the challenges that companies and law firms face when allowing their employees to be advocates for the brand, is that they will become the face of the company. How should you go about that?

Utilizing your employees as a means to advocate your company is an investment, with that you must make it clear how to use social media as a business tool, not for traditional personal sharing. 

Why did you start a podcast? What are some of the benefits that you have received in adding podcasting in your company’s marketing mix?

Prior to starting a podcast for GaggleAMP called “Amp Up Your Digital Marketing,” I had a political podcast with a friend of mine, so I was already familiar with the platform. A benefit of creating a podcast is that it gives you a license to talk to people that you may not normally be in a conversation with. Podcasts are a great way to connect with your target audience, and they are also a great way to build business relationships.

What is some advice you would give business owners or marketing professionals on introducing podcasts into their marketing mix?

Think of a podcast as a way to create value for your audience, in terms of sharing your insight, but also in terms of your guests sharing their experiences, both good and bad.

What is your strategy with repurposing the content from your podcast?

With one episode we can create a blog post by summarizing the podcast, which great for SEO and great for the guests because they are more likely to share it if it is written content. You can also post snippets of the podcast or post a video of you recording it on YouTube.


Law firms can amplify the impact of their social media marketing efforts in a variety of ways – creating content via podcasts being one of them. One of the easiest ways to amplify your firm’s message, however, is to tap into the collective reach of your firm’s employees and partners. But in order for your employees to be proper advocates of your brand, you must first teach them to use social media as a business tool and create value in it for them, such as the opportunity to grow one’s social presence. When everyone at the firm is an advocate, there are more opportunities to form new relationships, drive more leads and develop new business.

Before you go, Glenn has created some added value for our listeners. Including the webinar: “How to Leverage Attorney Engagement on Social Media to Increase Business Development Opportunities”.

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