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Podcast Ep. 102: How Law Firms Can Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s New Feature Updates

by Guy Alvarez • October 24th, 2019 • Podcast

In this episode, Guy Alvarez explores the many benefits of staying active and engaged with your audience on LinkedIn. He stresses the importance of law firm company pages as well as personal pages for the attorneys at your firm. Tune in to find out why both are equally as important for branding and to learn about LinkedIn’s new feature updates to their company pages. Connect with Guy on LinkedIn here.



Podcast Show Notes

On LinkedIn, there are two kinds of pages – an individual page and a company page. Most companies and law firms have set up their LinkedIn page to raise awareness of their brand, their services, their practice areas and their thought leadership content.

LinkedIn pages are important for law firms because they can impact how your clients feel about the firm, how they interact with your firm and they can be used to recruit and retain talent for your firm.

According to Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer Global Report, while 60% of people trust others like themselves, 52% trust businesses and only 37% trust CEOs. These statistics are why it is important to highlight the people behind your organization, because it will build your firm’s authenticity and also create a community around it. 

Last week, LinkedIn announced three new feature updates to their pages that are helpful for law firms and other organizations as they allow employees to share key updates or to highlight their work.

LinkedIn Feature: Employee Notifications

The first feature is called Employee notifications, which enables employees to engage with posts or share posts within their personal LinkedIn network. This new feature gives all of the lawyers at your firm the ability to engage and easily share firm content to amplify the messages. 

LinkedIn Feature: Kudos and Team Moments

The second feature is the Kudos and Team Moments, it is a space for your firm to engage with employees and to celebrate their achievements. This lets page administrators create custom content that is built to welcome new team members, highlight their work, and recognize people behind your firm’s success. 

LinkedIn Feature: Completion Meter

The third new feature with company LinkedIn pages is the Completion Meter, which is something that already exists on individual LinkedIn pages. This function has a little meter that shows you how “complete” your profile is and gives you tips on what to do to improve your profile. Now this is available for company pages to maximize the visibility and the engagement of your page. 


Law firms and legal marketers can certainly take advantage of LinkedIn’s new feature updates to maximize the effectiveness of their LinkedIn presence. It’s now easy to improve your profile and empower the individual attorneys at your firm to easily and proactively engage with your law firm pages’ posts. If you need help growing your practice and generating measurable business results through social media, contact us today.




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