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Podcast Ep. 56: Haley Altman on Legal Technology and the Client Experience

by Good2bSocial • July 17th, 2018 • Podcast

Haley Altman, a former law firm partner and now CEO & Founder of Doxly, talks about how law firms can use legal technology for additional marketing opportunities, to establish a competitive advantage, and to provide exemplary client service.

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Haley Altman translated her decade of experience as a practicing corporate attorney and her intimate understanding of transaction processes and workflows into Doxly, a secure workflow management platform. 

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How can law firms utilize technology for additional marketing opportunities?

Clients are now looking to law firms for an innovative client experience. Some are even switching law firms because they aren’t receiving the level of service they expect. So as a law firm, If you can offer both excellent legal service and client service, you will have a competitive edge. Often, clients get integrated into the tech that you use which allows them to be a part of the process. When the client feels that they are informed through the entire legal process, they have a higher level of comfort that your firm is being transparent. High levels of service and transparency ultimately gives law firms the ability to get more referrals.

How can analytics help you close additional deals?

Knowing the number of deals or the volume of work your firm has is incredibly valuable, but analytics can go even deeper. If your firm can use data analytics to talk about the work you’ve done, then you can better position yourself to win clients and set the stage for strong relationships.

Legal Technology and the Client Experience

Legal technology can be used in a number of ways to enhance the client experience. For example, traditionally clients will send you many emails to ask where you are in the closing process because they want to be informed regularly. There is workflow technology that enhances efficiency so that lawyers can focus on the high value legal tasks while automating the more tedious tasks like answering emails. When the client is in the know, they can simultaneously problem solve issues on their end which further expedites the process.

When you use analytics to calculate how these types of technology can save both time and money, you can use that information to enhance your competitive advantage and show clients why you might be the best choice.

Are lawyers receptive to using these technology?

Lawyers often see the benefits of technology, but they’re concerned about the initial hurdle of learning to use it. That’s why on the legal technology side, it’s so important to create products that are simple to use and easy to understand, even without training. Doxly for example isn’t created to completely change how law firms do business, but rather it’s made to integrate into your existing workflows and make these processes more efficient. When you’re onboarding a new technology, you should ask the provider how to use the tool in a way that causes the least amount of disruption, but still offers value.

Legal tech can offer visibility not only to clients, but to firm partners as well. Being able to streamline workflows, improve ROI, eliminate certain administrative tasks, and improve client service are all benefits of workflow technology that partners can appreciate.


Technology is out there that can help law firms be more competitive, increase revenue, and improve client experiences. Law firms should evaluate their practice to identify the key areas that could be improved and reach out to vendors to find the right legal tech for their firm. 

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