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Podcast Episode 197: Best Lawyers Acquires Good2bSocial: A Chat with Phillip Greer

by Guy Alvarez • August 24th, 2023 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy is joined by Phillip Greer. Greer has driven the continual evolution of Best Lawyers® since joining in 2005, becoming president in 2013 and CEO in 2018. By tapping into his training as an engineer, he created the company’s first content management system to take the company and its products – as he says – “from analog to digital.” Through the years he has led international expansion strategies that ensure lawyers around the world receive the recognition they deserve through various Best Lawyers offerings. His proudest achievement is in the consistency of the products and the Best Lawyers peer-review methodology.

This year Phillip has led the team through launching the rebranded Best Law Firms® rankings independently for the first time in 13 years and through the acquisition of Good2bSocial.

1. Brief Overview of What Motivated Best Lawyers to Seek the Acquisition of Good2bSocial

The decision-making process in the legal industry is centered on bringing value to lawyers, marketing directors, and their clients. Marketing services, particularly content and SEO, have become the top priorities. To expand its footprint, the company evaluated potential acquisition opportunities and evaluated companies with aligned goals and industry success. Good2bSocial emerged as the most suitable candidate, demonstrating a strong track record of success and respect in the legal space. Good2bSocial is strongly dedicated to leading the digital marketing space with reputable and proven services to its clients.

2. How Does this Acquisition Reflect Best Lawyers’ Commitment to Adapting to the Shifting Digital Landscape?

In 2005, as a lead software engineer, Phillip played a key role in creating the core systems used today. Best Lawyers’ engineering team has continuously improved these systems, allowing them to analyze millions of data points annually. With a technological background, it’s essential to improve services and products to adapt to the increasingly digital world that lawyers and law firms are adapting to. Companies like Good2bSocial, a leading digital marketing agency for law firms, help clients excel and grow their digital presence, which will assist Best Lawyers in the shifting digital landscape.

3. How Does this Acquisition Fit Into the Tremendous Year of Growth for Best Lawyers With the Independent Launch of Best Law Firms Announced Earlier this Month?

The launch of the newly resigned Best Law Firms platform marks the first time the company has done so independently. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, the company has focused on listening to the legal community and showcasing transparency and flexibility. They have invested in law firms and spent time understanding the needs in the US and 70 countries they produce rankings for. Marketing services are crucial for all firms, and the need to communicate value and success is increasing. The acquisition of Good2bSocial and the independent launch of Best Law Firms align with the company’s tradition of listening to the market and expanding in necessary directions. 

4. With the Acquisition Complete, What Will be the Immediate and Long-Term Impacts on Best Lawyers’ Product and Service Offerings?

Best Lawyers will continue to maintain a transparent process, delivering a strong foundation customers expect. They aim to create a unified strategy to expand offerings domestically and beyond, ensuring high-quality service for both companies.

5. What are Key Milestones and Goals Set for the Future Growth of Best Lawyers with this New Acquisition of Good2bSocial? 

The company is working on a unified strategy to benefit existing clients and grow more clients. The focus should be on content and marketing quality, as marketing is challenging. Being agile is essential for making fast decisions, executing goals, and staying accountable within departments. The company’s commitment to quality content and marketing will contribute to its success. 

The overarching goal is to better serve the legal industry. This will be done through thoughtful peer review data, driven metrics, and rankings along with powerful content and marketing services that improve the business of our clients.


The assistance from the legal industry, lawyers, marketing directors, paralegals, and office assistants is essential for the success of these companies. Best Lawyers and Good2bSocial are proud to provide quality products that people need and use in the industry. 

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You can find Phillip Greer on Linkedin, and on the Company Website. 

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