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Podcast Episode 191: Reimagining DLA Piper’s Website

by Guy Alvarez • May 25th, 2023 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy is joined by Bill Barrett. Bill leads Digital channel strategy and operations for DLA Piper in the Americas. In his role, Bill helps the firm: amplify the DLA Piper brand in the marketplace, generate demand for services, enhance the visibility of lawyers, and provide actionable insights that help generate profitable growth.

1. What Prompted The Launch of The New Site: DLAPiper.com 

DLA Piper’s soft launch of DLAPiper.com was on December 6. The previous website was designed at a time when user needs were different than during and after the pandemic. DLA Piper found a huge surge in digital, as most organizations did. The previous website needed a refresh, due to the fact that it didn’t necessarily align with the brand, which was an innovative, collaborative client-centric presence. Post-pandemic, users are wanting experiences in the B2B world that mirror what they experience in the B2C world.

2. The Goals For The New Website

The main goal of the new website was to provide a client-centric experience, allowing them to quickly achieve their goals and add utility along the way. The goal was to make it easier for people to navigate, and to allow them to get what they needed and connect with the company. This goal is now coming to fruition, especially in the mobile space. The new website was designed with mobile first in mind. It is responsive, condenses down to a smaller footprint, and provides links to people’s bios where they can call them. This has been a success, and the company will continue to evolve the experience and understand how people are engaging with them. 

3. Lessons Learned From The New Website 

A design agency can create a beautiful front end, but if the coders don’t understand the vision, don’t connect with it, or can’t deliver on what was designed, the initial vision may have been overly ambitious. From this project loop, the organization was ready to find one company and one agency to help them through the entire project. This was beneficial, as the same organization that helped with strategy and research led them into design, which was then able to move right over to development.

4. Unexpected Challenges During The Project 

One major challenge that the core team faced was content migration, which is still difficult to find a great method for. Some people suggest building a bot to have everything migrated over automatically and dropped into the new templates, but as the team is developing a new website, they are often changing their tone of voice. 


Client centricity should be your guiding star for any website redesign project.

You can find Bill Barrett on Linkedin.

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