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Podcast Episode 166: How to Use Content to Further Your Reputation

by Guy Alvarez • July 21st, 2022 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy is joined by Morgan Ribeiro to discuss the use of content to further firms’ reputations in their industries. Morgan has a passion for the ever-evolving healthcare M&A landscape, given her prior experience in the healthcare industry. She transitioned into the legal industry about 8 years ago joining Waller and their healthcare team, as she served as their Executive Director. Morgan is now the Chief Business Development Officer at Waller. Located in the greater Nashville area, she leads all business development, marketing, and communication efforts for the firm.

1. What’s it like working in the legal industry?

The difference between working in a more traditional PR role to legal marketing, you understand that each of your clients has different needs, they’re in different practice areas and different places in their careers. So understanding that everyone’s situation is different is important. Because of all these differences, as a legal marketer, you have to put on a different hat, so to say, depending on who you’re talking to. Working in the legal industry, there is no such thing as a consensus. Everyone approaches things with a slightly different viewpoint or even agenda. It’s important to understand that people are going to have different viewpoints instead of fighting it. 

2. Why should law firms market by industry?

It’s important to market the firm with a strategic focus on industries because that’s how clients see themselves. Clients tend to view themselves as whatever it is that their business is. For example, whether or not they’re in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and so on, people think of themselves as that kind of business. This then translates into clients wanting someone who understands how their company works, how they operate, and what’s important to them. Marketing the firm’s reputation, with a focus on core industries, is what differentiates the firm and beats out competition.

3. What is the organizational structure of these business development teams?

Each of the industry teams, at a minimum, has a steering committee made up of attorneys from different practice groups. We also make sure we have a couple of associates and then our business development team is organized. There are executive directors and business development managers assigned to specific industries who are then part of those steering committee meetings as well. Underneath each of the steering committees, we have pursuit teams that are specifically focused on a specific sector. 

4. What are the key goals an industry team holds?

The reputation of the firm and content marketing go hand in hand. Understanding your client, and talking to them, listening to what they have to say and what we hear in the industry is important. Overlaying that with what’s happening in a specific sector, targeting the content to the audience and their business. Then, also making sure that what’s happening in the industry ties in with our legal perspective. Trends are important to keep an eye on in industries when going into an m&a transaction. Bringing it all together, it’s important that whatever advice we’re offering up pairs nicely with where we feel like we have expertise.

5. How can you ensure your content is getting to your target audience?

Like most firms do, we post a piece of content, it then goes onto our website, then it gets sent out in a mass email, and then it gets posted on LinkedIn and Twitter. However, beyond that, we have been pushing our attorneys to share the piece of content with their networks in order to get this multiplying effect that will bring in more impressions. The power of sharing on LinkedIn is the ability to reach those who share similar interests with our attorneys as well as potential clients, resulting in much more traction. 


Make sure your attorneys are engaged in writing articles, commenting on topics, and understanding the value behind it. Be persistent and get creative on the ways you can draw information out of your attorneys. Pushing out content is valuable in terms of driving more business and generating new leads. Content also holds value in enhancing your reputation as a firm and is a way to get your firm’s name out there. 

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