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Podcast Ep. 80: The Importance of Digital Knowledge Management

by Shruthi N • February 12th, 2019 • Legal Marketing | Podcast

In this podcast, Duane Forrester, the VP of Industry Insights for Yext, speaks about digital knowledge management and why it matters for your firm.

Podcast Show Notes

Duane Forrester is the VP of Industry Insights for Yext, and brings over 20 years of experience to the show. He has a history of running SEO at MSN, launching the Bing Webmaster tools program, and being an author with McGraw Hill.

Connect with Duane on the Yext website, his LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What is Digital Knowledge Management and why does it matter to businesses?

It’s best to think about Digital Knowledge Management as an overarching umbrella. It’s not quite right to divorce DKM from traditional knowledge management, as a lot of the processes are very similar. However, how you use the outputs of these processes may be vastly different. With DKM, what you’re looking to do is to identify all the digital assets your firm has created, and understand the relationship between them, create relationships between them, and know how to deploy all the assets effectively.

What do we need to know about Voice Search?

Voice search is extremely important for your firm to understand and utilize. The best way? Get a smart speaker – one with Amazon and one with Google. By looking your firm up on these speakers verbally, you’ll be able to analyze the environment of each device’s voice search function. Schema is also an important component to keep in mind. Essentially, if a piece of schema is available and directly applicable to your firm or business, you should be deploying that markup. The only way to be spoken out loud in Google Assistant is to have schema deployed.

Why is local SEO still important to national firms?

The fact of the matter is that firms want money, and money is almost always in the wallet of the consumer. Since the entire world revolves around the consumer, wherever the consumer resides is “local”. Now it’s obviously not possible to have a branch of your firm in every single small location where your clients are, but larger firms are generally able to reach more areas. Additionally, consumers continue to consistently choose mobile communication over other methods, and local is inherently tied to mobile.

How should firms be thinking about reviews?

When thinking about reviews, make sure to keep the current workforce in mind. Both Millenials and Gen Z consumers love to seek reviews when looking for information about businesses. Although a bad review can steer these consumers away from your business, what’s really important is how your firm responds to the negativity. The reality is you have the ability to respond to bad reviews and set the record straight. You being seen responding to consumers is a powerful message because it shows a willingness to engage as well as transparency – two characteristics the current workforce greatly values.


First, buy yourself a smart speaker to learn how you appear and how your competitors appear when they’re spoken out loud. Then, get your technical staff in order. Ensuring that aspects of your firm’s function from page load speed to mobile friendly access are in order without a doubt pays dividends for you in the long run.

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