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Norton Rose Fulbright Earns Top Overall Ranking in the 2018 Social Law Firm Index

by Guy Alvarez • November 28th, 2018 • Legal Marketing | Blog

2018 social law firm index

The 2018 Social Law Firm Index takes a comprehensive look at the top 200 law firms in the country (as ranked by The American Lawyer) and analyzes, measures, and ranks each firm’s reach and engagement across a variety of social media channels and content platforms.

We asked the top firms in each category to describe their experience and efforts in achieving success. Despite DLA Piper ranking No. 1 in the previous five editions of the index, this year Norton Rose Fulbright pulled ahead and claimed the top spot in the index’s overall category.

nora shearerFor Norton Rose Fulbright, digital marketing is about sharing stories and engaging with their communities. By engaging with their 7,000-plus legal professionals in more than 50 cities worldwide, they are able to bubble up original content that reflects their culture and resonates across all regions.

“Every aspect of our business is executed through digital channels, and it is a key component of all of our successes. Our business is not just supportive of digital—digital is deeply baked into all of our business processes.”

Chief marketing and business development officer Nora Shearer says, “Our corporate Instagram account is a perfect example of globalizing local content. Our legal professionals-cum-photographers based in far-flung locales showcase their unique sights and sounds to a global audience. This variance on crowdsourcing allows us to focus on the best and the brightest outside the barriers of time and space.”

Through their integrated digital marketing efforts—which include their social media channels—Norton Rose Fulbright delivers value to their target audience by providing timely thought leadership with global reach.

“Thought leadership is a key element of our overall digital marketing strategy, with the aim to deliver timely reporting on current trends to our target audience,” says Shearer.

The firm runs a number of campaigns throughout the year: Litigation Trends Report, International Arbitration Report and Project Finance NewsWire are just a few examples.

These campaigns have run for decades. Each one is highly anticipated and has built its own global following throughout the years.

When it comes to attorney buy-in, Norton Rose Fulbright has it locked down: “Because of the success of our global NRF Transform initiative, digital is an integral aspect of the way that our business goes to market,” says Shearer.

At Norton Rose Fulbright, analytics is a key component of every campaign, reflected in each iteration of a campaign’s development over time. “Without measurement, there is no meaning or purpose. All aspects of digital undergo measurement, experimentation, formulation, testing, and modification. Digital then becomes a blend of communication and science,” says Shearer.

The Am Law 100 firm’s digital marketing efforts not only earned them the No. 1 position in our Social Law Firm Index, but their investment in digital has positively affected their brand as well.

Shearer elaborates: “Digital marketing has allowed individuals from all corners to shine, reflecting positively on our global organization. Digital encourages our legal professionals to share their own and their colleagues’ work and successes, thereby elevating our brand as a whole. By encouraging digital activity, we have positioned ourselves as thought leaders in the global marketplace.”

For complete rankings, case studies, and legal marketing insights, download your copy of The 2018 Social Law Firm Index.

2018 social law firm index


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