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4 Tips for Law Firms Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

by Guy Alvarez • July 19th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

social media accounts If your firms have multiple practice areas and branches, it may be a good idea to create multiple social media accounts to cater to specific clients. However, this may cause confusion among your clients as a result. What started as an intention to provide convenience and great impression may easily backfire. Therefore, we came up with 4 tips to facilitate your management of multiple social media accounts. 

Remove Abandoned Accounts

While it might be ideal to create multiple accounts to cater to different regions or practice areas, it is essential to eliminate accounts that are no longer actively posting. If a potential client simply googles the social media accounts of your firm and randomly selects one, it is possible that they will come across one of your abandoned ones. Even if your abandoned accounts still have an impressive number of followings, when the client perceives that your firm is not responding to their requests or concerns actively and efficiently, it would depreciate client satisfaction value. Any accounts that are inactive and have not posted in a long time would possibly give off an impression that the firm does not care for social media interaction or instant client service. Simply, eliminating dormant accounts could help protect your reputation. 


Many law firms have offices overseas and therefore, have local social media accounts to cater to the needs of various specific regions. It would be a good practice to embrace local traditions and trends in order to humanize your firm. Besides, it would also be beneficial to partner with popular and well-established organizations within a local community, such as charities or parties related to your practice. That would successfully build up trust and goodwill with your client base in that region. 

Central Coordination

When you have multiple social media accounts, it is common to face inconsistency problem across different pages. This phenomenon is especially common for firms with various local accounts. It is vital to monitor the accounts to ensure that your local office accounts are only posting up-to-date photos, information, and graphics on your business-page profiles. If not, you, unfortunately, risk confusing or upsetting clients by posting conflicting or even contradictory content. 

Guidance by Corporate

Regional or local accounts are useful and ideal to provide specific information, such as a regional news or events, to clients in specific areas but it is essential for them to follow corporate policy and avoid making controversial statements contrary to your firm’s values. It is extremely important that multinational firms manage local accounts with a close examination and ensure that they are following the corporate firm pages as well. Also, it is inappropriate to make a big announcement on a smaller local account before the corporate page. 


To sum it up, it is crucial to set up a central monitoring system over all of your social media accounts to constantly ensure they are delivering the most desired results by catering for the local needs and abiding by the main firm policies simultaneously. Setting up an editorial calendar may be a helpful way to keep track of all your social media marketing activities and to plan out content curation. If you want to learn more about social media and digital marketing for law firms, reach out to us today. 

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