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How LMA Southeast Launched a Successful Podcast

by Kevin Vermeulen • October 24th, 2018 • Legal Marketing | Blog

produce a new podcastFor the last decade podcasts have been an innovative way for people to tell their stories. From true crime stories to political updates, podcasts have gained the attention of millions across the globe.  Now, marketers are picking up on the trend in order to share insights and establish thought leadership in a new way. Content like blogs, webinars, infographics, and newsletters are all proven to have value. But what about podcasts? Podcasting is another great way for your firm to provide value to your current and potential clients.

Case Study: LMASE

Earlier this year, Good2bSocial helped LMA Southeast develop and produce a new podcast in order to share member achievements and provide valuable insights to other members. LMA Southeast Region’s inaugural podcast series focused on highlighting the impressive, innovative, and inspiring projects that members and firms in the region have led over the past year.  LMASE was fortunate to have a large pool of fantastic ideas to discuss, and to start, they focused on their Your Honor Awards recipients for this podcast series. The purpose of the podcast series was to highlight how these projects showcase the leading and insightful strategies and takeaways that LMASE members can learn more about.

The LMA Southeast Region’s podcast series was created using Zoom for the recording portion, and then edited by the team at Good2bSocial. For LMASE, it was as simple as pressing record and having a conversation –  an incredibly easy process!

The results were well-done highly professional podcasts that provided excellent information and takeaways for LMA members. LMASE  loved highlighting the impressive projects done by their members, and getting to share the information through a new, engaging format other than written content.

Jessica Haarsgaard who serves on the LMA Southeast Region’s Board of Directors elaborates on the process, “The team at Good2bSocial made the whole process extremely simple and easy to follow. They provided the recommendations for the equipment to use as well as best practices when recording the podcasts. Good2bSocial then handled all the editing and production including adding an intro and outro and music to go along with each episode. Finally, the Good2bSocial team helped us with ideas on how to publish and promote the podcast.”


Podcasting is becoming more and more popular amongst large law firms. In our research for this year’s Social Law Firm Index, we found that 21% of AmLaw 100 firms have podcasts. This type of content is so popular mainly because it’s relatively easy to create – all you need is a microphone, laptop, and quiet room and you’re ready to record. However, for some the prospect of planning topics, choosing guests, and editing their recording can be daunting. If your law firm would like to produce a new podcast, but doesn’t know where to start – contact us for a free consultation.


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