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Legal Marketing Tools: A Comparison of CRM Systems for Law Firms

by Good2bSocial • October 27th, 2017 • Digital Marketing | Blog

CRM Systems for Law FirmsIn our Legal Marketing 2.0 podcast, we’ve discussed how law firm CRM can be used for a multitude of activities like communication, coordination, client service, and business development. When deciding to use CRM systems for law firms, one must first understand their goals in order to receive the most value from their efforts.

Some firms may want to organize their client lists for email automation, while other firms may value interaction tracking data the most. In this blog post, we discuss the capabilities and benefits of four CRM systems: InterAction, MS Dynamics, HubSpot CRM, and OnePlace.


LexisNexis, a technology company that specializes in software for law firms, provides the service InterAction as a CRM solution. Top firms like Hunton & Williams and Kilpatrick Townsend manage their large number of clients with InterAction. Beyond the basics that most CRM systems present like contact management and automatic data collection, InterAction offers features like email signature capture and the ability to track key client touchpoints.

Along with the software plan you choose, you’ll have access to in-depth advisement and training from LexisNexis consultants. From technical education about InterAction’s features to resources guiding you through CRM best practices, this software aims to help law firms understand CRM capabilities and implement strategies that will build client relationships and generate leads.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics can help your firm automate marketing activities and communicate better. One major benefit of this software is that it connects seamlessly with MS Office programs as well as LinkedIn. Integration is key when it comes to CRM, and the unique LinkedIn connection MS Dynamics provides will allow firms to constantly increase valuable contacts.

This software is a good option for firms of all sizes. Starting at $40/user per month, this service allows your firm to start with the plan that you need, with options to expand as your business grows.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is one of the top systems used for CRM across industries. While their marketing and business development plans work similarly to MS Dynamics where you can expand your plan as your firm grows, HubSpot CRM is always free. Users can track email, social media, or phone call interactions automatically.

This activity is all available in real-time, but the information also gets stored in an organized timeline. You can also create and manage email templates through HubSpot.


OnePlace is a CRM system built on Salesforce’s cloud infrastructure. Capabilities like recording meeting details, building proposals, and enterprise-level security all allow for law firms to benefit from this software. OnePlace allows for integration with MS Outlook, time and billing systems, NetDocuments, and many email marketing tools.

In terms of integration, OnePlace has the most options and truly allows for users to view all client-related information in one place. Social collaboration functions and a variety of mobile apps ensures constant, smooth communication with your team


While software like InterAction and OnePlace specifically to CRM for law firms, all four CRM systems can benefit your law firm by organizing, tracking, and enhancing your client relationships. By first considering your CRM ambitions, you can choose the software that best fits your law firm’s needs. If you need assistance in CRM or software other digital marketing systems, feel free to reach out and contact us.

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