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What Can Law Firms Learn From LinkedIn: An Integrated Content Strategy

by Good2bSocial • September 14th, 2018 • Content Marketing | Blog

Law firms can learn a great deal about a successful content strategy from an unexpected source, LinkedIn. More than just a professional social networking site, the LinkedIn platform also proved its ability to implement a strongly successful content strategy. This strategy worked so well; it brought them to the top search result for queries of LinkedIn marketing.

Several years ago, third-party websites would appear at the top of the results for marketing on the social media platform, but via their content marketing strategy, LinkedIn worked their way to the top. Law firms can examine the key elements of LinkedIn’s content strategy that led to their success and then apply those same strategies to their firm as a way of boosting results.

Focus on One Product or Resource First

A crucial part of LinkedIn’s reputation as an authority on marketing via their platform is their annual guide “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn” and its various derivatives. Instead of trying to tackle multiple in-depth guides at once, LinkedIn focused on the one and ensured it went smoothly before expanding. Once it took off, they added other similar downloads, including the “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership” and versions for “Content Marketing” and “Global Marketing.”

Follow the same strategy with your law firm if you want it seen as a source of reliable information. Start with a single in-depth guide, then expand and offer more guides on related topics or create spin-offs like infographics and blogs. After that, make updates to the content as needed so visitors and downloaders can count on you to provide up-to-date information. 

Look Everywhere for Inspiration

When it came to creating their content strategy, LinkedIn did not limit the sources of its inspiration. For the covers on their magazine, they may take design inspiration from classic music albums while the magazine and podcast get inspiration from filmmakers, musicians, and writers, among many others. Use this same strategy when creating your content marketing and look for inspiration everywhere around you. Use this inspiration both to create imagery for things like videos, posts, and infographics and to determine the content that website visitors want. 

Use Your Personal and Professional Skills

Look at the skills that Jason Miller, the head of social media and content marketing for LinkedIn, had before this job, and you will notice that he applied them to the strategies he created. Miller began as a writer for entertainment and worked within the music industry. However, he is also comfortable in front of people and taking photos of concerts for fun.

Miller harnessed these skills to become the image of the LinkedIn brand and message, including speaking at 41 different events in 2017 alone. To do the same, think about the skills and hobbies that you and your team have, and then brainstorm how you can harness those to promote your law firm. Whether these consist of writing skills, outreach experience, or a history of speaking in front of crowds, you should be able to incorporate them.

Provide Something to the Audience

Miller has openly shared that to achieve the impressive results via LinkedIn’s content marketing; the team had to create value for the audience. Without making it beneficial for your audience to engage with you, there is no reason for them to participate in that interaction.

So what can law firms learn from LinkedIn? Law firms can learn how providing valuable content to their audience leads to enhanced engagement and the ability to drive traffic to their website. Law firm marketers need to determine what they can offer their clients which will prove to be of value, such as knowledge to help them in a specific situation or a way to save time when dealing with legal issues, and make that clear.

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