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5 Ways to Sustain Law Firm Marketing Efforts While on Vacation

by Guy Alvarez • June 29th, 2018 • Legal Marketing | Blog

law firm marketingIt’s officially summer which means it’s vacation season. Vacation time and holidays are a necessity for lawyers and legal marketers. It’s a way to recharge and maintain your physical and mental health.

Now, the challenge is how do you sustain law firm marketing and business development efforts while you’re on vacation? We all know that marketing is a continuous process that requires your full and constant attention, not to mention maintaining engagement with potential clients and customers.

Good thing there are some effective ways to keep your marketing campaigns running even while you’re out relaxing and away from your busy law practice. Check out our list below:

  1. Set Up an Email Autoresponder

Email autoresponders are also called vacation responders. This is to immediately notify everyone who emails you that you’re out of the office. When creating an autoresponder message, make sure you include all necessary information: reason for the leave of absence, duration of absence, and your contact numbers or other means to reach you in case of any emergency.

If you have delegated your tasks to a trusted colleague, make sure to include their email address and contact number in your vacation responder.

  1. Delegate Appropriate Tasks to the Team

You can assign someone you trust to be the leader of your marketing team while you’re away. This person will oversee the whole campaign and all internal and external communication for proper delegation.

Find someone who is reliable and who can handle your tasks and responsibilities efficiently—someone who has full knowledge of the marketing strategy and who can work independently. This way, you know that they won’t end up having to call you every time they encounter an issue.

  1. Explain Assignments Clearly

It is highly important to explain the team’s assignments in a clear and precise manner when you’re planning to take a vacation. Ensure that everyone understands their daily work schedule especially since they will take on extra workload while you are away.

Train the assigned leader on how to handle minor problems, and, just to be prepared in case an issue arises that they cannot resolve on their own, let them know how you can be reached. If you’re comfortable with the idea, you can also give the other team members permission to contact you directly.

  1. Optimize Your Workflow with Automation

Having to meet deadlines while you’re on vacation doesn’t make for a very good vacation experience. Optimize your workflow by finishing all your tasks and assignments before your scheduled trip. Plot your tasks beforehand and prioritize which ones need to be finished before you go and which ones can be done later on when you return.

Likewise, there’s nothing more frustrating than taking some time off to recharge, only to come back to a huge pile of backlog. While it’s important to delegate tasks to coworkers and explain them clearly, you can also utilize marketing automation to help you schedule work ahead of time. If your marketing campaign utilizes social media, you can create scheduled posts for the duration of your absence. You can also use automation for email marketing. Some platforms like HubSpot even allow you to automate follow up emails based on open and click activities of individual users. This way, you can be confident that you are still reaching your customers even while you’re away.

  1. Share Files and Documents

Needless to say, you’ll have to give your team leader access to all significant files and folders to keep your marketing efforts consistent and on track.

If a certain task has to be done collaboratively, share the relevant documents with the team. See to it that everyone involved is in the loop and that they have full access to all of the files that they might need. In Google Drive, for example, the team should be able to download, edit, and add comments to any of these files.


The more tasks you successfully delegate to your marketing team while you’re away, the less worry you’ll have during your vacation. It’s undeniably important to stay on top of customer relationships no matter where you are. This way, you have the assurance that your law firm marketing efforts won’t come to a halt even while you’re away from the office and your usual routine.

A relaxing and fulfilling vacation comes with organization and careful planning, as well as good communication. Follow these tips to make sure things keep running smoothly in your absence, while you focus on enjoying your trip. Are you ready to save time on tedious tasks with marketing automation? We can help you choose the best platform for your firm and develop a strategy that works for you.

Please let us know if you would like more information on how to keep your law firm marketing and business development efforts going while you take a vacation.

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