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A Law Firm Guide to Twitter Ads

by Noreen Fishman • February 20th, 2020 • Social Media | Blog

law firm guide to twitter adsLaw Firm Guide to Twitter Ads

Did you know hundreds of millions of people use Twitter every day? It stands to reason that if Twitter is not a part of your law firm’s marketing plans, you might be missing out. In fact, advertising on Twitter can put your messaging directly in front of your target audience. Some law firms shy away from Twitter advertising because they’re not comfortable or not familiar with it – that’s why we’ve compiled a law firm guide to Twitter ads. Here’s what you need to know to feel comfortable – and see great results – using Twitter advertising. 

The 4 Types of Twitter Ads

On a basic level, you’ll want to understand the type of advertising that Twitter offers. There are 4 general categories: 

Promoted Tweets – These are like regular tweets, except that advertisers pay to have them displayed to people who are not already following them. They can still be liked, retweeted, etc. They appear similar to regular tweets, other than saying “promoted” in a small label at the bottom. 

Promoted Accounts – Also called “follower campaigns,” these help advertisers to gain visibility with people who don’t yet follow them, but might find them interesting. Promoted Accounts are displayed in potential followers’ timelines. They are identified as promoted and include a follow button.

Promoted Trends – Many people turn to the trending topics on Twitter to see what’s being talked about that day. Promoted Trends allow you to promote a hashtag at the top of areas like user’s timelines and under the Explore tab. If a user clicks on a promoted trend, they’ll see a list of organic search results for the topic, with the advertiser’s promoted tweet at the top. Note: this option is only available by contacting a Twitter sales representative. 

Automated Ads: Twitter Promote Mode – A straightforward option for firms with limited time or a smaller budget, this option costs a flat rate of $99 USD per month, plus tax. Once you turn it on, your first 10 tweets each day are automatically promoted to your selected audience. Retweets, quote tweets, and replies will never be promoted. You’ll also get an ongoing Promoted Account campaign.

 How To Set Up a Campaign

Now that we’ve covered the basic types of advertising, you’re probably wondering how to actually set up a campaign! Here’s a simple breakdown of the steps to follow:

    1. Set up your Twitter advertising account. 
    2. Decide what you want to achieve. Make sure you have solid goals in place, and that they align with your overall firm objectives. For specific Twitter campaigns, you can choose from: Awareness, Tweet Engagement, Followers, Website Clicks/Conversions, App Installs, App Re-engagements, Promoted Video Views, or In-stream Video Views. When you open Twitter Ads Manager, you’ll be given the choice of these objectives. When you click one, you’ll be taken to the campaign screen. 
    3. Create ad groups and bidding. An ad group is a sub-category of your campaign. For your first couple campaigns, you probably want to stick to just one ad group. As your advertising gets more sophisticated, you can split up campaigns for testing different elements. Also on this page, you choose how much you’re willing to pay for each interaction (such as a video view). A smart way for new Twitter advertisers to get comfortable is to leverage automatic bidding, where Twitter will automatically set your bid to get the best results at the lowest price based on your budget.
    4. Select your creative ad placement. You can pick from a list of existing tweets to promote, or you can create a new one just for this ad. On the right side of the screen, you can choose where the ad appears (such as on user’s timelines). 
    5. Determine your target audience. Twitter offers multiple targeting options to help you choose the right audience for your ad and get the most from your budget. Begin with demographic targeting such as gender and age. Geographic targeting lets you drill down into particular zip codes or areas, and “Audience features” allows you to target based on certain characteristics like events or keywords. Or, you can always upload your own list. 
    6. Launch your ads. Once you’ve made all your selections and reviewed them, you’re ready to launch! Simply click “launch campaign.”


We hope this law firm guide to Twitter Ads is helpful to you. We also suggest that you always use an image or video in your tweets to enhance your engagement. It’s also a best practice to include a call to action. Finally, make sure to test everything and then re-test! Data is your best friend when it comes to improving your marketing outcomes. If Twitter advertising is a new frontier for you, don’t hesitate to  contact us for help. We work with all kinds of law firms to help them achieve their business objectives on social media.

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