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5 Ways To Fine-Tune Your Law Firm Contact Page For Better Conversions

by Kevin Vermeulen • October 2nd, 2017 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Law firm contact pageThe contact page just might be the most important page on your law firm’s website. It is the point at which potential clients will decide if they trust you and give you their contact information. It is where your relationship with a new client begins.

Yet, while careful thought is put into many website design decisions, contact pages are often thrown together, almost as an afterthought, without considering the effect they can have on site visitors.

Following are five tips to help you take your contact page from an afterthought to a well designed part of your website’s conversion process.

Make It Easy To Find

First and foremost, your contact page should be easy to find. It should be linked on every page of your website in either the header, footer or menu. If one of your visitors decides they want to get in touch with you, they should be able to do so with a single click, no matter what page they are on. Most users will simply leave if they can’t find a way to contact you on either the top or bottom of the page.

Offer More Than One Method To Reach You

All too often, a contact page is nothing but a form where visitors can leave a short message along with their email address. While this might work fine in a few cases, it’s generally better to offer visitors more than one way to get in touch. Some users like to leave a message and keep a certain amount of anonymity, while others won’t trust anyone they can’t speak with over the phone.

Some of the most effective designs list various contact methods side by side, so they can all be seen at the same time. Generally there will be a form where a message can be entered on the left, with email, phone number, and maybe even a physical address, on the right. Laying out the information this way ensures that nobody will miss the phone number, etc., because they didn’t scroll far enough down the page.

Let Visitors Know What To Expect

Above or below your contact information/form, you should let visitors know what they can expect when they reach out to your law firm. For example, who will they be speaking to if they decide to call? And during what hours will someone answer the phone? How long does it normally take to get a reply via email? Do they need an appointment if they would rather talk face to face in your office?

Setting expectations this way has two positive effects. It will make it easier for visitors to decide which contact method will best suit their needs, and the fact that you are being upfront with them helps to instill trust.

Tell Visitors What Information You Need

While it may seem obvious to you, your visitors may not know what information you need from them in order to give them an effective response. By telling them what information will help, you take some of the stress and confusion out of the equation and, again, nurture a feeling of trust.

Ask Only For What Is Necessary

If you’re asking visitors to fill out a form, it should only require them to fill in information that you absolutely need in order to help them. Research shows that conversion rates go up as the number of form fields goes down. Most experts agree that three form fields is the perfect number — name, email address, and message.

If you need to get more information from your visitors, again, be upfront and tell them why. Also be sure to mark which entries are required and which are optional. Nothing is more frustrating than typing in a long message only to have it rejected because some other (unmarked) required field was left empty.

Ask About The Experience Afterwards

Following the tips above should help you set up a solid contact page that will help to boost conversions for your law firm, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re done. You should make a point of asking (when appropriate) what your new leads think of the experience they had. In most cases they’ll be happy to tell you if the process was easy or not and how you might be able to improve it. As you tweak and tune your contact page, you should see a noticeable increase in conversions.

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