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Using Instagram to Recruit Millennial Talent

by Shruthi N • December 11th, 2018 • Social Media | Blog

Instagram to RecruitThink back to when you were looking for your first job – the entry level position you so desperately wanted. What resources do you recall using for your first big break? In today’s digital age, 86% of the working class uses social media to start and further their career within the first decade of entering the workforce. This means that social media outlets serve as the prime spot for recruiting the millennials that will eventually replace retiring baby boomers. Being the sixth most popular social media platform in the world, Instagram’s user base of over 800 million is an unutilized gold mine for law firm recruitment. Wondering how to hit the jackpot in terms of recruiting millennial talent? Here’s how:

Establish a Strong Brand Image

In a sea of law firms, it’s quite easy for your firm to get lost in the crowd. Ensuring that your firm has a strong brand image will not only individualize your firm from the rest, but will also make it an easy target for millennials seeking a unique job experience. In regards to Instagram, you can utilize this strategy by managing your feed so that it represents the values your firm stands for – whatever that may be. The account @creatorslawyer is one that goes about this particularly well, posting content in a manner which is both visually appealing and coincides with the firm’s practice in the music industry. The account’s feed appears to maintain a color scheme while also revealing a more creative, playful side- the image the firm wants its clients to see. Instagram is one of the best tools for showcasing your firm’s brand image simply because of its photo heavy nature. The goal? Unique, original content meant to catch the eyes of millennial talent.

Post Behind-the-Scenes Content

Why do celebrities have such a high social media following? It’s because their audience feels as though they are pulled into an A-lister’s paradise through the content that they present to the world. Law firms have the ability to use the same technique, with a slight twist. Instead of advertising hair products and cosmetics, firms can promote their culture. People love to get a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes, and what better way to show that than through pictures and short videos? The global law firm Paul Hastings (@paulhastingslaw) does an incredible job of utilizing this strategy. The firm’s Instagram page features photos of the firm’s various offices during the holiday season, humorous videos of conferences, and associates of the firm engaging in extracurricular activities. Not only will this technique help strengthen your firm’s brand image, but it will portray your firm’s working environment to millennial talent- often a critical component in the process of choosing a job.

Utilize Micro Storytelling

Whether regarding law firms or not, millennials tend to follow Instagram accounts that either inspire or motivate them. Through micro storytelling, your firm will be able to appeal more toward that younger crowd. The strategy itself includes sharing inspirational quotes on your feed, curating inspirational content, profiling certain lawyers or employees that showcase your brand image, and detailing your firm’s success (whether it be from certain employees or the firm as a whole) to turn your firm into something that motivates the millennial talent.

Use Hashtags

Simply hashtagging words such as “recruitment”, “jobs”, or even your firm’s location can have a heavy impact on the number of millennials that take notice of your Instagram account. Hashtags help organize information and lead to easy access of relevant content. If your firm uses a hashtag and is one of the first to show up in the millennial’s search, you’re already at an advantage in comparison to other firms who may not have used hashtags. However, beware of using too many hashtags. Commonly thought to be more productive and useful than using a minimal amount, hashtagging too many words can lead to distraction from the post itself and a sloppy appearance- something no millennial will be attracted to.


With millennials turning toward social media, specifically Instagram, to scout out their options in the job market, law firms are presented with an optimal way to gain the most motivated employees. When utilized correctly, Instagram proves to be extremely beneficial in promoting your “brand” to a younger audience – one that may be working for you some day. If you need help developing a strategy on Instagram, contact us.

Instagram to Recruit


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