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How to Use LinkedIn for Attorney Lead Generation

by Noreen Fishman • April 25th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

If you are active on LinkedIn, chances are you want to improve your lead generation efforts. LinkedIn can provide powerful options for obtaining more leads and driving future conversions –  if you build and implement an effective strategy. Here are some tips for your firm’s paid and organic LinkedIn efforts in order to help improve attorney lead generation

9 Tips on How to Improve Attorney Lead Generation onattorney lead generation LinkedIn

1. Include a Custom CTA Button on Your LinkedIn Company Page

If you want to put your firm in the spotlight, you may need to be more creative with its company page than you would typically be with a personal profile. First of all, you’ll want to optimize the page for search and leads. Make sure to incorporate keywords into your page’s tagline and description and add up to 20 specialties or focus areas. These topics serve as tags that will help your LinkedIn profile appear in relevant searches. Then go to the buttons tab and choose a CTA for the page. There are some general CTA options like Learn More and Visit Website, but you can choose from others that are better suited to lead generation. 

2. Host Virtual Events

Live virtual events are a great way to attract and speak with clients and potential prospects in real-time. Use live events to share solutions, answer questions, or cover updates that provide real value to people. If you want to use live events to generate leads, LinkedIn offers these options: 

  • Execute a campaign through an external platform. Set up a webinar on another site and share a link on LinkedIn. Require attendees to sign up so that you can collect information. 
  • Even if you use an external site, you can leverage LinkedIn to create and promote an event. You can promote a webinar or conference and incorporate a LinkedIn registration form to collect attendee information.
  • Host a LinkedIn Live event. To do so, you will use the platform’s native live streaming tools. In this way, you can collect registration data and share the content once the event concludes. 

3. Filter Page Activity Mentions

It’s important to be active in conversations on LinkedIn in order to improve attorney lead generation. In addition to starting dialogues, you can use the platform to find and join discussions happening within your industry or area. Depending on what you find, you may want to leverage LinkedIn’s social listening tools for lead generation. On your company page, find the “Activity” tab. Under the filter options, choose “Mentions”. Then browse the feed to see all of the different ways that LinkedIn users have discussed your firm or shared content. By knowing what conversations to join, you can add more value and share more insights, which will attract more leads. 

4. Publish Content to Remain Active in the LinkedIn Feed

It’s important to participate in the various functions that LinkedIn offers to get the most visibility. Plan to publish content from your company page often to remain active. Consider the key areas of organic content that are best for driving new leads:

  1. Lead magnets are best for attracting new clients. This content can come in many different formats, but the idea is that viewers find the concept so valuable that they are willing to exchange their personal information for the item. A lead magnet contains exclusive information that provides something unique. 
  2. Case studies are great for building trust. Once people reach the consideration stage of the sales funnel, they need assurance that the firm they’re thinking about is the best. Case studies that highlight a successful track record and client relationships can showcase expertise and credibility. 
  3. How-to content is helpful for nurturing leads. Once someone is in your sales pipeline, you want to help guide them to a decision. Guides and how-to content show prospects that you fully understand their challenges and have the knowledge to help them. 
  4. Thought leadership demonstrates authority. There are so many benefits to establishing your firm – and the leadership within it – as experts in the industry. Share your firm’s unique insights in order to be viewed as a trusted advisor. Various forms of thought leadership are also great for sharing unique perspectives, growing your follower base and getting more newsletter subscribers. 

5. Use LinkedIn’s Employee Advocacy Tools to Expand Your Reach

There are a few ways to get more mileage from your organic content without pulling from your advertising budget. One way is to promote content using the Employee Advocacy functionality. On your company page, scroll to the content that you’re interested in promoting. Find the three dots above the post and click “Notify Employees”. That way LinkedIn will automatically alert employees of the firm that there is new content so that they can promote it as well. This is a good practice to get into so that your content can reach new audiences, but also so that employees always know about the latest and greatest content available. 

6. Install LinkedIn’s Conversion Tracking

If you’re using your website to generate leads, it’s worth configuring LinkedIn’s Insight Tag to track external conversions. To do so, go to Campaign Manager, open the Account Assets drop-down menu, and choose the Insight Tag. There will be instructions to complete the setup and verify that it’s working. From there, click the Account Assets drop-down menu and select “Conversions”. Click the “Create a Conversion” button and create the event that you want to track (for example, downloads, sign-ups, etc). You can also add a specific value to the activity if you want to make it part of your return on ad spend calculations. Once you’ve set up various conversion events, you can add them to campaigns and start tracking the activity. 

7. Create Matched Audiences to Better Connect With Cold Audiencesattorney lead generation

One thing that people love about LinkedIn is the ability to use powerful options for developing profile-based audiences. These groups can be based on users with certain job titles, industry experience, or company connections. These audiences are great for upper-funnel campaigns like brand awareness initiatives. For generating more leads, you may want to look closer at Matched Audiences. These groups essentially retarget people who have already engaged with your firm. You can create Matched Audiences using data sources such as contact lists from your CRM, people who have interacted with your website, or attendee lists from events. You can manage all of these lists in the Account Assets menu. To set up a new targeting option, click the “Create Audience” button and then select a data source and fill in the details. To expand your reach even further, use the Lookalike Audience feature to target people who are similar to your top-performing data sources. 

(For a more in-depth look at how to use LinkedIn’s advertising capabilities for attorney lead generation, check out this complimentary eBook: Law Firm Guide to LinkedIn Advertising.)

8. Leverage LinkedIn Lead Forms

You can use LinkedIn’s lead generation campaign objective to find leads without people having to click through to your website. This campaign setup involves native lead forms that people are able to fill out directly on the platform. Furthermore, LinkedIn will automatically complete most of these forms based on users’ profile details. This makes it really easy for prospects and more likely for them to opt-in to this feature. 

9. Use Sponsored Content With Website Conversion Campaigns

Using the website conversions campaign objective, you can create sponsored content in order to entice people to click through to your website. From there, you can highlight things like a lead magnet or newsletter sign-up. This isn’t quite as simple as using the native lead forms we mentioned above, but if you have the Insight Tag installed, then you can track activity across your website. That way you’ll have access to unique data that can help you remarket. Setting up this type of campaign is helpful if your focus is on monitoring specific behaviors on your website or targeting further based on past activity. 


If you put proactive strategies into place, LinkedIn offers a modern way to fill your sales pipeline. The right combination of organic posts and paid content can not only help with attorney lead generation but also provide more insights into your prospects’ overall activity and expand your reach to new audiences. 

We’ve helped many law firms and companies leverage LinkedIn to achieve their business goals. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to us today for a free consultation.


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