linkedin for content marketingLawyers have a range of tools at their disposal for advertising and marketing, including LinkedIn. This content platform can deliver excellent visibility without any cost; you just have to put in the time and effort. This ability began about two years ago when LinkedIn opened up the publishing part of its platform to all its members. With this feature, you can easily use LinkedIn for content marketing.

Using LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn Publisher is the aspect of the platform that lets you create traditional long-form content then share it on the network. Although content marketing does still work with LinkedIn Publisher, you should know that the user engagement via this part of the platform has decreased in the last several years. This use of LinkedIn should supplement the other aspects of your LinkedIn content marketing, not be the sole one.

To make the most of LinkedIn Publisher, post several times a week and provide content that your audience appreciates, whether it is situations when a lawyer can help or something else you find relevant. Don’t forget to respond to comments on your posts, as well, ideally all of them if you have the time. You will also want to promote your blog posts from LinkedIn Publisher via your LinkedIn status updates, including excerpts when relevant.

Promote Your Other Content with LinkedIn Publisher

Your law firm likely already publishes blogs and content on your website or other platforms. Assuming this is the case, you can use LinkedIn Publisher to help promote it. Copy and paste the body copy, headline, and image into Publisher, then add something indicating where the article originally came from and a link to it. In this way, you can get a new post on LinkedIn with minimal effort and drive traffic back to your law firm’s blog.

Using LinkedIn Statuses

LinkedIn statuses are short but tend to see a lot more engagement than blogs on the platform. Use this to stay involved in the community with hashtags, and as mentioned, use your statuses to promote your content on LinkedIn Publisher. When linking via a status, however, put the link in a comment, not the status itself, as this makes it less likely for your status to get buried. Remember that although status updates will get more attention if they are not too long, they can be up to 1,300 characters, giving you plenty of space to include some key information. Just make sure that the first sentence of the update is an attention-grabber if you take advantage of this character limit.

Use Video

One of the best ways to increase engagement as part of your LinkedIn content marketing is to supplement the content with video. You can use videos on your LinkedIn profile, the company page updates, and your status. When used correctly, LinkedIn videos will draw in users and lead them to one of your blogs on LinkedIn Publisher. At the very least, they will increase user engagement. Keep the videos reasonably short, at about 60 seconds, so viewers do not get bored.

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