law firm's seoYou should already understand the importance of SEO for your law firm as it increases the chances that potential clients will find your company when doing an internet search. Even with a reasonably in-depth understanding of SEO, you may underestimate the importance of email marketing and the role this type of advertising plays in your SEO strategy.

Including CTAs in Emails

Within your emails, your law firm should always have a call to action that is well-crafted. These can encourage traffic, engagement, and sharing, all of which will boost your SEO. The bottom line here is that if you ask subscribers to click on a link at the bottom of your email, some will and some will not. However, more people will click on that link than the number of people who would have visited that particular page of your site anyway.

This also applies for sharing on social media. Chances of sharing happening increase if you remind people to do so. Similarly, encourage subscribers to forward the most relevant emails to those in their lives who would be interested.

Helps You Discover Motivation for Searches

With a solid email marketing strategy in place, you are better able to figure out why your potential and current clients are searching for the terms they search for. If you already have a good reputation for sending emails that provide value to clients, you can also occasionally send them surveys and expect results. You can get information right from your clients so you better understand what is going through their minds when they search for a particular keyword. You can then use that knowledge to adjust how you use the keyword in question.

Helps Reduce Bounce Rates

Collecting information from clients via email can do more than just give you an idea of how to use the keyword to appeal to their interests. It also helps you craft your content to meet the demands of your interested clients. When you create a post that takes their preferences and interests in mind, you can go ahead and share it with the email list. This will give your post an excellent boost both in terms of views and bounce rate. After all, the post was created specifically to include the elements that your email list is looking for.

By giving those on your email list content that they truly want, they will likely spend more time on your law firm’s website. This not only improves bounce rate but also boosts other factors like the time spent on the page and levels of engagement.

Automatically Supplement Your Evergreen Posts

Much of the content on your law firm’s website is evergreen, and an email marketing strategy can help with traffic to those posts. This can be done via automatically sending certain posts and pages to those who sign up for your email list. Choose the posts that perform the best as this maximizes the chances that the recipient will be interested in the content and spend time on your site.

This particular aspect of email marketing lets you take advantage of the ability to set up automated messages that you just set once and continue to run when conditions are met, such as a new subscriber. Google will see traffic to your posts and that fact will help with your search engine ranking.

Emails Can Turn Into Posts

The emails within your marketing campaign can also directly provide content for future posts on your law firm’s website that are likely to be successful. Any email that performs very well can easily be repurposed to become a blog post. This is part of the reason that analytics are crucial for all advertising campaigns; they help you identify top posts. When you find an email that performs very well, you can keep a similar title but adjust the content to turn into an optimized blog post. Include keywords and expand on the content.

Amplify the Advantages With Segmentation

To maximize all of the above ways that email marketing can improve your SEO strategy for your law firm, be sure to segment your email. This segmentation can be based on the type of service clients want, whether they are repeat customers or another factor. With segmentation, you can target all of the above content to improve results. This way, subscribers will not get overwhelmed with content, but you can still reap all of the above benefits.


When you think of SEO, typically you think of how to optimize your law firm’s website to rank higher on search engines. However, there are many key components of a varied and successful SEO strategy – including email marketing. By including strong CTAs, leveraging automation, and implementing proper segmentation, your law firm’s email campaigns can greatly improve your SEO efforts as well. If your law firm needs help executing an effective SEO strategy, contact us for a consultation.

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