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5 Content Marketing Tools for Law Firms

by Good2bSocial • November 19th, 2018 • Content Marketing | Blog

content marketing toolsYou’ve heard us say it before: content is king. In today’s world of digital marketing, content can make a huge difference to your bottom line. The right technology is key – and the options can seem endless. The Content Marketing Institute recently released a study comprised of feedback from over 700 companies across a variety of industries. The goal of the study was to discover the content tools that marketers rely on and can’t do their jobs without, and the results are fascinating.

We’ve narrowed down the content marketing tools that can have the most impact for the legal profession and the way lawyers, vendors, and legal marketers work every day. Take a look at our top picks.

Best for Account Based Marketing – LinkedIn

For high value deals such as those often found in the legal field, targeting key accounts can be a successful strategy. Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become increasingly popular in recent years, and LinkedIn has adapted their platform to accommodate such marketing strategies. When advertising with LinkedIn, marketers have the ability to seek specific companies and research information that can help them obtain meetings.

Best for Web Analytics – Google Analytics

No surprise here. With Google being the most important search engine in the world, their analytics platform provides the bulk of information that savvy web marketers need. From understanding visitors’ behavior to which pages perform and which are lacking, Google Analytics will help you understand how to improve content and provides key insights for tactical optimization of your website.

Best for Demand Generation – Hootsuite

Demand generation differs a bit from lead generation. The goal is brand awareness and positioning, to deliver information about the way your company can solve a problem (creating demand). Hootsuite is a great tool for creating the right types of content for that specific purpose. Videos, lists, blog posts, and accessible resources are all forms of content that you can manage through Hootsuite, that also tend to perform better in social media. The platform allows marketers to manage all social in one place, as well as track analytics. They’ve also recently integrated with Marketo, to offer more nurturing opportunities for business development.

Best for Influencer Marketing – BuzzSumo

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important, especially in fields that require being viewed as a thought leader. BuzzSumo can help you to find viral content and key influencers, and understand what content is generating interest in your area. From there you can work on content items that are more likely to resonate with your audience, or choose content creators who are likely to reach your target. BuzzSumo has all of the search and measurement tools required to review and enhance your efforts.

Best for Email Marketing – MailChimp

Email is pretty important to most marketing and sales professionals. Of all the email providers available, MailChimp remains the most chosen. That’s probably because they allow creation of email campaigns, landing pages, social posts, and more – all in one place. It’s free to sign up, and their intuitive interface makes getting started easy.

If you need some help implementing these content marketing tools within your content strategy, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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