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Best Ways to Encourage People to Engage With You on Social Media

by Guy Alvarez • April 29th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

Nobody wants to be the last kid picked in gym class. Unfortunately, most people get the same feeling after posting something on social media and hearing crickets from their audience. For some, creating engaging social media content feels like an elusive and almost Herculean task. It’s defeating to bring forth a massive effort and not see the needle spike when it comes to engagement. So, how do you create content that compels someone to interact and engage with you on social media, whether it’s a ”like,” “comment,” “share,” or, in the case of Twitter, a “re-tweet?” It’s an amalgam of creativity, originality, and networking like no tomorrow. Here’s our advice on improving social media engagement for law firms.

How to Improve Social Media Engagement for Law Firmssocial media engagement for law firms

The Pen is Mightier When Not Bored

The not-so-secret method to improving social media engagement for law firms lies in the definition of the adjective itself: attractive, charming, and pleasing. When it comes to the written word, apply these traits to your voice and make verbal magic. Even something as brief as a tweet needs to be exciting and purposeful. Setting yourself apart from other businesses involves creating an online identity and supporting it with social media content that provides interesting data, suggests bold new ideas, or asks and answers essential questions. The more you give, the more you get. The benefits you reap are proportionate to the effort to produce content that speaks to a client’s core, not makes them want to snore. Think of every piece of content you write as a novel the reader should never want to put down.

Auteur of Duty

It’s time to turn our attention toward the camera. Yes, get ready for your close-up. All kidding aside, it’s beyond okay to frequently channel your inner Spielberg in a world drowning in fresh content. Thinking cinematically has evolved into a necessity these days to keep up, let alone stand out. We don’t suggest hiring a choreographer to reenact ‘West Side Story’ in a battle between partners and associates. However, when conceptualizing and creating visual content, film using 4K HD video (which most folks have on their iPhones) and utilize compelling 3D animations and graphics. Prospective clients notice when you bring more “Hollywood” to content creation and would be more inclined to engage with a firm that brings them “up” during their downtime. Flash and panache go a long way to help you get there. 

Roll Up Your Digital Sleeves and Get “Dirty”

The unwritten rule of social media is, “I’ll scratch your digital back if you scratch mine.” Every interaction has a price and sometimes costs as little as liking and sharing someone else’s post. Silicon Valley dubbed these platforms social networks for a reason. Just as you notice when someone engages with your posts, the same happens on the other side of the coin. Consistently liking, sharing, commenting, and interacting with other accounts builds relationships, awareness, and engagement for others who would likely reciprocate. Don’t be afraid to reach out via DM, even if it’s just a word of encouragement. There is great value for others in a firm that uses this approach and thinks outside the box. But what does thinking outside the box entail? Please pull up a chair; it’s time for a story. 

In a World Where…social media engagement for law firms

Once upon a time, a divorce lawyer was eager to grow his social media presence. They were frustrated by a lack of engagement from the ghosts of Facebook and Instagram posts past. One day, they had an epiphany, looked at themselves in the mirror, and asked some tough questions, one of which was “what other businesses tangentially benefit from someone’s divorce?” When people have assets, they turn to a financial planner to divest and disperse the couples’ funds accordingly. In the divorce process, mediation sometimes requires a therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor to work with the couple and their family if they have one. The couple owns a house, and they’ll need a real estate broker to sell it. As they peeled back this onion, more potential opportunities to network and refer clients appeared, so they began following and engaging with people locally who offered these tangential services. In time, the divorce lawyer was a prominent presence on social media and in the community. They built an organic network that drives social media engagement on cruise control, and new leads often pop up via these businesses.


Improving social media engagement for law firms requires as much creativity as planning and implementation. When conceptualizing content, make it enjoyable and provide value. Presenting the reader (aka your prospective clients) something to learn, ponder, or even a moment of entertainment is critical to stoking engagements. This builds trust and increases the likelihood that these people will consistently interact with your content in the future. When you offer content – especially the visuals – make sure it is original. Stock videos or photos won’t cut it. Clients are connoisseurs who appreciate unique content of high quality and reward you with interactions such as ”likes,” “comments,” “shares,” and “retweets” for these efforts. It’s also essential to reward other professionals and businesses yourself and gestate online relationships with accounts that may lead to a referral generation network—combining these labors primes the pump for consistent organic engagement that money can’t buy.

We work with clients to help them understand the nuances of building, maintaining, and evolving their approach to engaging effectively on social media. To learn more about what ideas we might have for your firm, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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