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Baker McKenzie Earns a Top Twitter Ranking in the 2018 Social Law Firm Index

by Guy Alvarez • December 12th, 2018 • Legal Marketing | Blog

2018 social law firm index

The 2018 Social Law Firm Index takes a comprehensive look at the top 200 law firms in the country (as ranked by The American Lawyer) and analyzes, measures, and ranks each firm’s reach and engagement across a variety of social media channels and content platforms.

Twitter continues to thrive as a major platform for law firm marketing. It’s an excellent channel for connecting with reporters and industry influencers, sharing content, and using polls. However, many firms are not using all the necessary best practices to receive maximum engagement. In fact, nearly 50 percent of firms that participated in our 2018 Law Firm Digital Marketing Survey reported that their lowest level of engagement is on Twitter. Most of their tweets receive fewer than five interactions.

However, this year firms were still more strategic than ever. They are recognizing the opportunity they have to prove their knowledge in every message they send. In 2017, only 20 percent of law firm tweets were original and non-promotional; in 2018, that statistic jumped up to 51 percent. From this, we can infer that law firms are adapting to what clients want to see. The firms that did well in our Twitter category interact with other accounts, take advantage of unique Twitter features like polling, include visuals with their posts, and use relevant hashtags.

Coming in at No. 2 in our Twitter ranking, Baker McKenzie is an example of how law firms can maximize their relevance, reach, and thought leadership position through Twitter. We asked the firm to delve into their Twitter strategy and explain how the social network has enhanced their digital presence.

“Since establishing our Twitter profile a decade ago, we’ve evolved, social has evolved and so has our digital strategy,” explains Baker McKenzie.

On Twitter, they’ve moved from broadcasting to engaging with their audience through active content, building a well-defined brand voice which keeps their followers coming back.

“Content is still king but what’s crucial for us, is knowing our audience and giving them what they want – it’s about being authentic, informative, live and interesting. It’s not just about what we’re saying though. We also listen to what others are saying about us, good or bad. We want to know what our influencers, ambassadors, advocates and forward-thinkers are saying – they’re the ones actually shaping the legal landscape,” says the firm.

Listening also enables Baker McKenzie to gather competitive intel to find out what their competitors are saying and to see how people are responding.

The firm elaborates that, “By listening, we understand our audience, we know what’s important to them, we can monitor competitor performance, and pluck key insights from that to include in our digital strategy. There’s no point in listening to conversations if we don’t use that knowledge.”

For complete rankings, case studies, and legal marketing insights, download your copy of The 2018 Social Law Firm Index.

2018 social law firm index


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