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Evan Powell

Account Strategist

As an Account Strategist at Good2bSocial, I’ve been a driving force in the digital marketing realm for over two years. Equipped with a degree in Business Administration from the University at Buffalo, specializing in Marketing, I’ve crafted numerous successful advertising campaigns and fostered lasting client relationships.

What truly sets me apart? It’s my expertise in AI content generation. I’m not just talking about using advanced technologies – I’m talking about leveraging them to their full potential. SEO optimization? Check. Automation of marketing processes? Absolutely. With these tools at my disposal, I’m able to help our clients elevate their digital presence in ways they never thought possible.
And it doesn’t stop there. I dig deep into data, extracting key insights and generating comprehensive reports that empower our clients to measure ROI and make informed decisions. This isn’t just number crunching – it’s data storytelling. And it’s a skill I use every day to drive success for our clients.

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