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A Legal Marketer’s Guide to Designing Engaging LinkedIn Advertising Graphics

by Noreen Fishman • September 20th, 2021 • Social Media | Blog

Human attention spans are short. In fact, we are presented with so much information on a daily basis that our ability to pay attention shrinks almost every year. That’s why any marketing graphics have to be eye-catching and pack a punch, particularly on social media platforms. Follow our 7 tips to design engaging LinkedIn advertising graphics that are scroll-proof, represent your brand, capture people’s attention, and drive real results. If you don’t follow these best practices, you could easily waste a lot of your marketing dollars on ineffective LinkedIn advertising.


1. Make sure your message is clear and visible

Many marketers are tempted to add more text or components to their graphics, but that’s usually a mistake. Crowded images tend to make viewers feel overwhelmed. If people feel like it’s a chore to really understand the graphic at a glance, it’s less likely to keep their attention. As a rule, stick to one main headline, a call-to-action, and a few complementary elements. The caption should contain the bulk of the message in order to reel in the viewer. 


2. Use the right typography

Depending on what tone you’re going for, a really plain font can help relay a crisp and professional image. That being said, don’t be afraid of experimenting with more bold or playful fonts. The most important thing to do when deciding on a font for your LinkedIn advertising image is to use fonts that compliment the nature of your business. 


3. Be consistent with branding

No matter what platform you’re creating graphics for, you want viewers to understand that the image is from your firm. Strive to build a visual presence that is consistently unique to your firm. Commit to certain visual elements that are on-brand – and don’t stray from those themes. Whether that’s a color scheme, a certain logo placement, or graphic layout – ensure that whatever design you use is in line with the branding you developed. 


4. Understand color psychology

Colors have long been known to evoke certain emotions. For example, red is known to stimulate and relay feelings of power, while purple brings to mind creativity and imagination. Research these concepts and use them to your advantage. Even on graphics where your branding is at the forefront, you can add elements that address color psychology. That’s particularly true leading up to certain seasons or events. 


5. Use the highest quality images

High resolution pictures are essential. Use pictures in a way that not only attracts attention, but generates interest in your audience. These images should impress and be related to what your future clients want. Make sure to always take images in good lighting, and use tools if necessary to keep your camera or phone steady. If you don’t feel confident in your photography skills, invest in a reputable stock photo option for future LinkedIn advertising campaigns. 


6. Try moving graphics

The human eye is naturally attracted to movement. Videos have become critical in today’s digital landscape, and moving graphics are also increasing in use. If you haven’t used them before, don’t over-complicate things. Try some of the pre-sets on Canva or research and then test other free options to see what works for your efforts. 


7. Include music

Along with moving graphics, music is another thing that can boost engagement with your creative. Music can capture attention, evoke a certain mood, and make your content stand out – but make sure it’s a “special” element. Don’t use it all the time or it will lose it’s effect. 

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Law firms that are looking to raise brand awareness and generate leads look to the professional network, LinkedIn. The LinkedIn advertising platform enables firms to narrowly target their ideal audience with advertisements and it’s a lot less costly than Google advertising. To make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, legal marketers should keep these 7 tips in mind to ensure they’re running only the highest quality ads that get clicks and garner engagement.

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