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A Guide to LinkedIn Hashtags for Lawyers

by Guy Alvarez • February 14th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

hashtags for lawyersHashtags are one of the building blocks of social media. Heavily used on Twitter and Instagram, they are any combination of letters or numbers following the “#” sign. Hashtags for lawyers are important because they make your content (and therefore you and your firm) more discoverable, and they connect you with interested parties and potential clients.

To add hashtags on LinkedIn, follow these simple steps.

To add a hashtag to an update, share an article, photo, or other item from the homepage. Write the accompanying content, and add your hashtag(s).

To add a hashtag to your own LinkedIn article, write one under the update field on the homepage. Publish it, and a pop-up window will appear. Add copy to introduce your article, along with relevant hashtags. If you’re having second thoughts, you can always change them or remove them after you’ve published.

There are some differences in using hashtags on LinkedIn versus other platforms. Here are some of our tips for leveraging hashtags on LinkedIn to make the most of your marketing efforts.

  1. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional landscape. What would be appropriate on other mediums isn’t appropriate here. For example, the hashtag #whyiquit is often trending on Twitter – that doesn’t mean you should use it on LinkedIn just because it’s popular. It wouldn’t be appropriate. Keep things above board and remember potential and current clients, other firms, or possible employers are seeing what you post.
  2. Follow best practices, like not overdoing hashtags. We recommend no more than three. Don’t hashtag every word #like #this. That becomes very difficult to follow. Create relevant copy and then see if any of the words can be made into relevant hashtags. Finally, make sure your hashtags and your content are public so that they can be discovered by other LinkedIn users.
  3. Find a niche based on your firm’s specialty or location. Use tools like Hashtagify to discover what people are talking about and use hashtags that will draw people interested in those areas. For lawyers, using a location specific hashtag can be especially beneficial.
  4. Follow hashtags to get ideas. Any posts with the hashtags you follow will show up in your feed, so hopefully you can get new ideas on what’s being published and talked about every day. You can pin favorites on your homepage, and under the “Discover More” section, LinkedIn will make suggestions about other hashtags you might want to follow.
  5. Remember to use event hashtags. A big part of success in the legal industry is networking. Use social media to let people know where they can find you – what conferences you’re attending, what networking events you enjoy, or what professional organizations you’re involved in. These days almost any event has a hashtag. Use them to signal your presence and involvement with events or groups that will lend you credibility in the field.


LinkedIn has become a truly robust platform for business development. It’s particularly important for lawyers because of the professional nature of the tool. If you need help navigating LinkedIn success whether it be for content marketing or advertising, reach out to us.

Hashtags for Lawyers


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