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7 Digital Marketing Books that Legal Marketers Should Read

by Noreen Fishman • October 27th, 2020 • Digital Marketing | Blog

digital marketing books for legal marketersDigital marketing is an ever-changing field. On top of the day-to-day activities that successful legal marketers need to accomplish, it’s important to stay on top of the constantly evolving digital landscape. Effective marketers make the most of the latest trends and tools, but it’s not always easy. Marketers are busy people! Blogs and podcasts are great places to start, but if you have a few extra hours try diving into a great book. Here are 7 of the best digital marketing books that can help legal marketers level up. 

7 Must-Read Digital Marketing Books for Legal Marketers

1. Content Chemistry

by Andy Crestodina

This book was originally published in 2012, but is now in its fifth edition. Based on over a decade of research into marketing techniques and consumer psychology, this book is more of a primer for those who are newer to marketing. It’s in a workbook format which is helpful for putting the insights into practice. Amazon reviewers say that the book has been helpful in making content more relevant to today’s market. 

2. AI for Marketers

by Christopher Penn

AI is transforming the world of marketing in so many ways. Discover the latest trends in machine learning and how marketers can use that technology to their benefit. Penn’s goal is to help people move beyond common suggestions and understand the latest innovations and how to apply them. 

3. Likeable Social Media

by Dave Kerpen

With 3.8 billion people active on social media, this author contends that every business should have a comprehensive social media plan. Considered a classic, the latest edition has more information on newer platforms like SnapChat. Kerpen talks about how to get users to actually engage with your content. We love how the book incorporates real-world examples and case studies.

4. Talk Triggers

by Jay Baer

Word-of-mouth is essential for the legal industry. How can marketers leverage the online world to better enhance client “chatter”? To help your firm grow through referrals, Baer provides actionable tactics that encourage clients to talk. The insights are based on real research and data and backed up by anecdotal evidence. This book will help legal marketers learn how to implement a successful referral campaign for their firm.

5. Content Marketing For Traffic And Sales: How To Use Direct Response Copywriting, For More Effective Content Marketing

by Daniel Daines-Hutt

You know content is important, but is it helping you to accomplish your goals? How do you know your content is doing what it should be? This author shows you what will turn your content strategy around and how you can make the most of your content. Ultimately you want your content to sell your services and this book provides real strategies to help you create effective material. 

6. The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing

by Rich Brooks

Digital marketing is here to stay and you can’t be an effective legal marketer without a proper understanding of the tools available. This book provides a flexible, scalable framework that works across almost any industry. At the end of the day you want to generate leads, and this book offers different strategies that will bring visitors to your website and turn them into leads. The author does a nice job of breaking down the elements of digital marketing that tend to confuse people. 

7. One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days

by Brendan Kane

Every year it gets harder and harder to succeed on social media. Firms that do well on the platform are very strategic. Kane provides a formula that any marketer at any stage can use. One unique thing about the book is that it points to examples to look at for inspiration. Many marketers have learned from this well-qualified author how to apply the strategies that worked for him. 

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Whether you work on content marketing, digital strategy, or social media marketing (or all of the above), these books can offer new knowledge that will make you a better legal marketer. Pick up one of these titles in your spare time to learn new tactics and brush up on digital marketing. Continuously learning will prove to be very beneficial in the future as the world of marketing continues to rapidly evolve.

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