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20 Simple Tricks to Grow Your Law Firm’s Email List Faster

by Talia Schwartz • November 2nd, 2020 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Grow Your Law Firm's Email ListAccording to HubSpot, your email list is degrading by almost 23% every year. People change jobs, their email addresses change, or they opt out of your email communications. As a legal marketer, part of your job is updating and adding to your email list to help generate or nurture leads through email campaigns. Many people resort to buying lists, but that’s the wrong way to go about it. Instead, we suggest you try this list of tips for growing your law firm’s email list quickly.

Grow Your Law Firm’s Email List Using Email:

1. Create fantastic content

Your email list is going to have unsubscribes unless you send relevant and interesting material. The best thing you can do to keep growing your list is to keep people looking forward to your emails. 

2. Ask people to share and forward

Include social sharing buttons and “email to a friend” at the bottom of emails.

3. Segment emails by client persona

Send targeted content to specific email recipients. For more information on segmented targeting check out our blog post on lead nurturing campaigns for law firms.

4. Develop an opt-in campaign

For older lists where you suspect a lot of decay, try reinvigorating by sending an engaging opt-in message. Then remove everyone who doesn’t respond. This is a great way to cull your list down to only the people who are interested in your law firm’s email correspondence. 

5. Add an opt in to employee signatures

Hyperlinked employee signatures can take people to a landing page where they can sign up for your emails. 

Using New Content:

6. Create a (new) lead generation offer

If you have a great eBook or white paper or another lead magnet, try sharing it on a landing page which uses a form that people need to complete to download the item (called a “gated offer”). 

7. Leverage a free online tool or resource

Anything that makes your recipients’ lives easier is bound to get some attention. Asking for emails in order to gain access to the tool should pull in some new contacts. 

8. Develop “bonus” content

The only way people will want to gain access to your content is if they believe you have the expertise that makes content worth it. The way to demonstrate this is with some free content first. Create campaigns that offer some free introductory content with “bonus” content that can be opted into. 

Using Social Media:

9. Host a webinar

Hosting a webinar about a hot topic in your niche is a surefire way to grow your law firm’s email list. Why? Because people have to sign up or register with their email addresses. Leverage social media to promote a webinar in exchange for contact info.

10. Promote lead generation offers on social media

Similar to the strategy above, put paid dollars to get your webinar or premium content offering in front of more of your target audience. Users will have to share their contact info to gain access to the premium content or to register.

11. Publish links to the gated offers you created

Make sure you’re promoting any “gated offer” campaigns you created across all of your law firm’s social channels.

12. Add engagement features to your YouTube channel

You can add hyperlinked “end cards” that encourage people to subscribe to your channel using an email address. Also make sure to include relevant links in any text you’re using on your page. 

On your Website:

13. Ask visitors for feedback

If something pertains to people, they’re happy to talk about it. On specific pages, have a popup that asks for feedback on the material there. Or, use a chat feature to engage people and invite questions while asking for an email address to respond to. 

14. Keep lead capturing forms short

Many firms try to collect as much information as possible using forms, but that can deter people. Keep forms short and concise and people are more likely to fill them out. 

15. Link to offers that capture email addresses across your website

Hopefully your subscription options aren’t tucked away. Keep offers up front and the ability to subscribe via email prominent across certain pages, especially “About Us” and the “Contact Us” page. 

16. Blog

If you don’t already have a blog, it’s time to create one. Encourage your database to subscribe to your newsletter for updates as to when new blogs are posted.

17. Guest blog for other websites

This promotes you as a thought leader while also encouraging people to click through to landing pages where they can submit an email to hear more from you. 

18. Include social proof on your website

This is part of a larger strategy that is just smart marketing. Potential clients want to see how you’ve helped other people. Include reviews and testimonials on your site and they’re more likely to subscribe to your emails to hear more of your expertise. 

With a Partner:

19. Run a promotion on a partner website or in their newsletter

Similar to guest blogging, this is a way to gain access to a new audience. Ask collaborators if you can post an informative article with a link back to your site and a “subscribe” button. 

20. Create a co-marketing offer with a partner

If you have a goal of creating substantial content like an eBook or webinar, why not ask a partner? Not only will that split the work, but it will give you access to a broader audience. Direct traffic from your partners’ website back to a page where you can collect email info. 


In order to grow your law firm’s email list successfully, you need to keep your list fresh and clean. You also want to expand your list whenever possible (rather than watch it shrink). Use any combination of these 20 strategies to enhance your law firm’s email database, and constantly experiment with more ways to get people to opt-in to your email campaigns. 

If you need help with email strategy from contact generation to lead nurturing and automation  reach out to our team. 

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