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15 Ways Attorneys Can Generate Leads Online

by Kevin Vermeulen • December 17th, 2021 • Legal Marketing | Blog

Lead generation is tough, but it’s essential if you want to grow your law firm. Pulling lists, sending emails, and cold calling is difficult and, unfortunately, tend to result in people turning you away a lot. Are there lead generation tactics that are more likely to work? Using methods that actually add value for prospects is more likely to lead to real conversations. In an online world, there are many digital ways attorneys can generate leads online. Here are 15 new ideas to add to your lead generation strategy. 

1. Share Success Strategies From Industry Experts

Thought leaders within your company or network can offer valuable knowledge. Interview them to understand their secrets or uncover new insights, and prospects will thank you for it. Quotes, lessons, and actionable takeaways are more likely to get people to fill out forms or download content. 

2. Produce Videos That Solve Problems

Try creating videos that address common challenges in an easily digestible format. You might even try creating an educational series. If viewers learn something new, they’re more likely to come back. Creating enticing, informative videos is one of the many ways attorneys can generate leads online.

3. Understand How Client Reviews Impact SEO

Many people don’t realize that review platforms have a strong presence on search. When you encourage past clients to leave a positive review on a third-party platform like Google or Yelp, you’re more likely to end up in search results and be discovered online. Building up substantial reviews will help you to outperform competitors with keywords. 

4. Create an Interactive Item

Something that people can interact with, such as a quiz or tool, can help you to learn a lot about your prospects. If they are willing to exchange information to get the results, you will end up with a lot of new data. Ensure that people submit contact information in order to get access. You can also use the results as a channel for following up. 

5. Provide Gated Offers

To make gated content worth it, you need to offer genuinely valuable information. We suggest compiling a list of best practices to follow for certain procedures. 

6. Be Open About Successes in Your Firm

Pulling back the curtain on what’s working for your practice or your clients is a good way to generate interest and improve lead generation. This content can range from case studies to a blog about how your practice has evolved. 

7. Make an Easily Accessible Spreadsheet

People consume content in different ways, so many readers will find it very useful to have a list of resources all in one place. If you create a thorough spreadsheet with highly organized information (and links), people are likely to opt in to get access. 

8. Provide a Deeper Dive Into Specific Questions

Most people are able to research online and find some answers to their questions. But how much of that information is accurate and comprehensive? Take the time to create content that not only addresses a pressing question but details everything someone needs to know. The more insight and instruction you provide, the more likely readers are to come back when they have another question. 

9. Design a Worksheet to Simplify a Process

Every business has processes that are best suited to a worksheet. By providing a simple worksheet for people to fill out, you can begin a positive relationship and build credibility. Design a worksheet that can help people do anything ranging from establishing an LLC to sending legal letters, and have them opt in to use it. 

10. Compile a List of Helpful Tools

Does your firm rely on certain technologies, or do you suggest them to clients for different processes? Why not write a blog or develop a list that highlights the different tools and resources that can benefit your target market? Compiling a list is one of the simple, yet effective ways attorneys can generate leads online.

11. Highlight Real-life Examples

Case studies are a cornerstone of legal marketing, but it’s important to share more than just the fact that a case was won. It’s more impactful to find effective examples with actionable takeaways. Give people new ideas and they are likely to revisit your site, as well as trust your firm to perform well. 

12. Try an Email Course

A well-developed email course can be similar to a real class, for free. This approach can work well for in-depth topics that have a lot of steps to learn. If you share valuable information, people will not only opt-in to your email course but may share it with their network. 

13. Host a Giveaway That Aligns With Your Offerings

Giveaways or other contests can be great for attorney lead generation, but they do tend to result in a lot of contacts that have no interest in your services if not done right. Choose a giveaway option that is likely to attract people who are actually relevant, such as a premium ebook or a ticket to an upcoming conference. 

14. Create Templates That Simplify Projects

Many processes rely on templates that people either need to create themselves or obtain somewhere. Think of templates that can make people’s jobs easier, such as simple legal documents (for example, late rent notices, lease agreements, articles of incorporation, etc). 

15. Put Together a Handy Checklist

Similar to the worksheet or the list of resources, a checklist is likely to provide necessary guidance to people navigating certain processes. You can help prospects to ensure all of their bases are covered when taking on a legal issue they haven’t experienced before. For example, you might set up a checklist of legal items to check off when opening a new business office. 


In a digital environment, there are so many tactics to experiment with. Try some of these and see which are worth repeating. No matter which lead generation strategy you try, the key is to provide truly valuable content. People have become too savvy to provide contact information for nothing. If you want to generate leads, plan compelling content and ways to genuinely humanize your firm and offer support to prospects. We know that sounds good in theory, but many people simply don’t have the time to develop first-class content or lead magnets. In that case, we can help. Our lead generation experts can help you to create content, automate marketing, improve SEO, and even monitor ROI. 


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