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    Great summary, thanks for sharing. I’ve done quite a bit of research in this area as well and am having a hard time finding good case studies where the above types of things are actually being implemented effectively. I have no doubt they will recognize the potential you’ve noted above but it’s just a case of who will come up with the right implementation model first?

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      Thanks Andy!
      I have implemented ESN’s for three different companies all with different levels of success. I just finished a year long engagement with one of my clients, a leading adult beverage company, and we had many case studies where we where able to show the exact benefits I am referring to. Having a good implementation plan is key. At my last client we made sure to launch the ESN to a small number of business case studies (projects that where already in existence or where about to launch) that we thought could benefit from leveraging the ESN functionality. Three months later, we launched the ESN to the entire company. The benefit of this approach is that by the time we launched to the entire company, we already had some key success stories and internal champions who helped in communicating the value of the technology to other employees.

      One other key component for success is executive adoption. Executives need to lead by example and participate in the implementation and use of the ESN.

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        Dear Guy,

        Im interested to know if ESN can help leaders and managers in managing and communicating organizational change easily ?? Do you come to any examples of organizations used ESN in change project ?? can you share us those organizations ??


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      Have you had any luck getting some hard and fast case studies/success stories? I’m researching in to this for a major law firm and am keen to give some examples from the professional services sector – I suspect these’s still not much out there. Thanks Rod

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        Hi Rod:

        You are correct there is still not much out there when it comes to law firms, however, that is beginning to change. We are actually conducting a study and writing a book that will highlight some of the case studies out there as well as a ranking on how law firms are doing over all. I would be happy to share it with you when its complete or just subscribe to our mailing list and you will be automatically notified.

        • rod kentish says

          Hi Guy

          Very keen to share what you discover – do you need any information/help about what’s happening in the UK? Happy to do so if I can.

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      Thanks Phoebe! I checked out your Bitly bundle. Great collection of content on ESN and employee engagement. I completely agree and forgot to mention in my post. ESN’s are a fabulous way to recognize and reward good work. Gamification can also play are great role when integrated into your ESN.

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