Social Media Training for Law Firms

Many law firms and lawyers simply don’t understand how to best use social media marketing to develop relationships and strengthen their position as a thought leader. We offer three training levels to bring your attorneys up to speed.

Social Media TrainingIntroduction to Social Media (Beginner)
This introductory course provides your attorneys and law firms with the basics of social media. Taught in a group setting, we provide your attorneys with an overview of social media, the digital platforms that are most common for lawyers and a simple tutorial on how to get started using LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll also go over the basics such as adding content, joining relevant groups, expanding their networks by connecting with clients and colleagues, and posting curated and original content.

We can customize this program to show your attorneys how their specific clients and competitors are using social media, which is always eye-opening for those not active on social media.

How to Use Social Media and Digital Marketing for Revenue Generation (Intermediate)
This program will help your attorneys gain a better understanding of how they can use social media and other digital marketing techniques to develop new business and position themselves as thought leaders in their areas of practice. This program is intended for individuals that already have a familiarity with social media. At a minimum, they should already have an existing LinkedIn profile.

Topics covered include:

  •    How professionals use social media for business development
  •    Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  •    Using LinkedIn groups to generate engagement and strategically grow your network
  •    Using Twitter to reach influencers and potential clients
  •    Using social media as a competitive intelligence tool

One-on-One Social Media Training (Beginner through Advanced)
Some attorneys prefer a more personal program. They may feel more comfortable with one-on-one training and coaching or they simply may have time constraints making them unavailable when other programs are provided. We get it, they’re busy people. With this program, we work one-on-one with attorneys who want training tailored to them, or who want to take their existing social media strategy to the next level.

For our “Introduction to Social Media” and “How to Use Social Media and Digital Marketing for Revenue Generation” programs, we are flexible in how they are delivered. We can conduct group training sessions, lunch-and-learns or webinars depending on your firm’s preference and attorney availability.

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