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We Help Our Clients Generate New Business

Blogs and Microsites

Built with a specific focus, function and audience in mind, blogs and microsites showcase your expertise and provide a forum for conversation.
blogs for law firms
Differentiators can be hard to articulate when your main website needs to cover the breadth and depth of your offerings. A microsite or blog allows you to call out specific services, topics and industries where you excel, and attract a defined audience seeking exactly that information. Interacting with these pre-qualified visitors fosters greater lead generation, improves conversion and builds stronger relationships.
Advantages of microsites and blogs
blogs for law firms

Spotlight Expertise:

Microsites and blogs keep your message clear and your content front-and-center. Some microsites and blogs continually add content in order to become relevant, reliable resources that your target audience will visit regularly. Others are designed to highlight short-term marketing campaigns with topical content. In all cases, they make sure your message doesn’t get lost in all the content flowing to your main website.
 blogs for law firms

Flexible Design:

Microsites and blogs can have their own look and feel. Free from the restrictions of your website templates, you can design microsites and blogs to reflect the content, audience and message. You decide how closely you want your microsite to resemble your main website, or differentiate it to whatever degree suits you.
blogs for law firms

Search Friendly:

Microsites and blogs improve your firm’s overall search rankings. Google’s search algorithm prioritizes in-depth, specialized website content. If you create your microsite under the same domain as your main website, the fresh content will contribute to your main website’s domain authority as well.
blogs for law firms

Engaging and Sharable:

Microsites and blogs connect you with your target audience, and beyond. By highlighting your microsite or blog on your social media feeds, in email campaigns and on your website, you direct visitors to your content, which they can share easily across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (Plus, the more engagement, the higher your microsite or blog ranks in search results!)
How we do it
We work with the latest, most advanced microsite and blogging technology platforms. All feature mobile-friendly, responsive design to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices. Using the solution that best fits your goals, your platform will showcase your expertise in a way that attracts and captivates your visitors – and transforms them into prospects.