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Podcast Ep. 141: Translating Digital and Social Media Marketing to Real Returns: Approaches for Law Firms

by Brandon Raude • September 30th, 2021 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast Guy is joined by Lauren Piccolo-Ingram, Lauren is the Managing Director of Client Development at Goodwin where she is responsible for the planning and execution of business development, marketing, and communications initiatives for the firm’s Litigation Department. Ms. Piccolo-Ingram has particular expertise in developing performance metrics and data-based decision making. Lauren joins us to discuss tactics for lawyers and law firm marketing professionals to use to increase their return on investment in marketing efforts through effectively leveraging digital marketing and social media. You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn or follow Goodwin on Twitter.

Podcast Show Notes 

1. How are you using data analytics in your marketing strategy and how are you translating that into real, meaningful insights?


No random acts of marketing are permitted. That means the things that we do are generally multi part. We have a multi part webinar series and a thought leadership campaign delivered through a series of publications. When you do campaign work you get the ability to review aggregated data on all of the different components of the campaign and you’re able to see which clients and prospects are logging in to webinars repeatedly or downloading content related to the same topic repeatedly. We view those repeated client engagements or user engagement signals as interest in a particular area. We take that information and work with the partners on how we can take it from the marketing aspect of all of the thought leadership and translate it into direct client outreach.


2. What kind of tools are you using to measure that?


We look at the data that comes from our CRM system, for example, or marketing automation tools that records rsvp attendance and login information for webinars. We track those touch points in our CRM by setting up a campaign tracking mechanism.


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3. What other ways are you leveraging digital or social that enables you to get closer to clients?


The next most significant way in which we’re leveraging technology for getting closer to clients is really through maintaining awareness of what’s happening with our most significant firm clients, the clients who are in our CRM program. We’re using LinkedIn sales navigator for that. Sales navigator has allowed the client development team to review with ease all of the posts, for example, made by a client company. More importantly, we’re able to leverage the leads list functionality to stay abreast of the developments with specific individuals at a client with whom our attorneys have relationships with. 


4. How did you learn digital and social such that you have been able to implement them into your client development efforts?


My first bit of knowledge came from listening to digital and social media experts and consultants largely through LMA presentations and other events and conferences. As I mentioned earlier I’m a nerd so I also did a bit of reading on the topic and began experimenting and going through trial and error here at the firm. Our firm has invested significantly in digital and social experts. We have those folks in house on the team now, which is wonderful, and I really rely upon them for their input and their suggestions on how to leverage technology to help the client development team achieve the goals that they would like to achieve. 


5. What sort of advice would you give the audience that is still trying to figure out how to use a campaign driven approach and using digital marketing and social media to figure out a return on investment?


I think digital and social are very powerful technologies and very powerful marketing tools, but they alone cannot drive us to where we need to get to achieve return on investment. They provide the data and that data needs to be analyzed and then acted upon to progress. If folks are struggling because they don’t have the outcomes that they would like to see or there has not been sufficient progress on a marketing initiative in terms of getting return, I would suggest that they think about the data that their campaign has yielded and what it means and how that information can be put to use




A campaign driven and trackable approach to digital marketing may be the ultimate strategy as more is uncovered within current marketing trends. A world of insights lives in this space between data and analytics. Ultimately, it’s up to marketing professionals to discover and decipher what this world of data has to offer their business and clients. 


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