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Podcast Ep. 119: How to Build and Leverage your Law Firm’s Brand on LinkedIn During Uncertain Times

by Madeline Miller • July 15th, 2020 • Podcast

On this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy has an engaging conversation with attorney Frank Ramos, about how lawyers and law firms can better market themselves on LinkedIn. Frank shares with us his process for generating and capturing great ideas for content on LinkedIn. Tune in to hear about the types of LinkedIn posts that really move the needle for law firms.

Frank Ramos is the managing partner of Clarke Silverglate, a corporate litigation law firm in Miami. He serves as a mentor to countless young lawyers and law students through his publications, social media posts, presentations, webinars, and his “coffee chats.”  Frank has written 15 books and over 400 articles for lawyers and business professionals. You can connect with Frank on LinkedIn, or on his firm’s website.

Podcast Show Notes

How do you use LinkedIn to market your law firm?

I gear most of my LinkedIn posts towards young lawyers by posting tips and how to’s. I maintain this theme in my presentations and books, and this develops my reputation as an experienced lawyer and industry thought leader. 

How do you recommend that others use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn marketing needs to adapt to continue to be useful during COVID-19. My advice is to think about how you’re positioning your law firm’s brand. Instead of posting about your accomplishments, try sharing about the ways in which you’ve helped your clients in handling their cases. This will get your followers to think of you when they have a legal problem that you may be able to help with. See: The Value of Case Studies for Law Firms.

How can lawyers find the time to be active on LinkedIn?

Consistency is hard, but it is important. If you sit down and plan your content for the week, it will help you save time and help you stay on top of your content. Then, you can download apps like Hootsuite or HubSpot, where you can schedule your social media content to be posted on various platforms ahead of time.

How do you make your content stand out from the rest?

When law firms post to LinkedIn, it’s crucial they grab their audience’s attention right away. I try to get the point across as quickly as possible, whether it is the first line of my post or the first 5 seconds of my video. I use active verbs and always try to include imagery for written posts.

How do you engage with followers online?

Well in certain instances, if I found that someone was very active with the content I posted, liking a lot of my posts or messaging me to thank me for posting an article, I would make a point to meet them for coffee if they were also in Miami. Nowadays that isn’t possible, so I like to set up phone calls or Zoom calls with people that are particularly interested in my content. This personal connection helps to keep myself and my law firm top of mind for referrals.


From making connections to generating leads, establishing partnerships and creating better brand awareness, LinkedIn is an invaluable business development and marketing tool for law firms. Furthermore, people are spending more time on social media due to COVID-19, so it’s the perfect time for law firms to amplify their messaging. But that doesn’t mean anything goes. Law firms have to approach their LinkedIn marketing efforts with planning and intention and share content that is helpful and informative on a consistent basis.

If you need assistance with your LinkedIn presence and strategy, reach out to us today. We have vast experience helping lawyers and law firms achieve measurable success on LinkedIn.

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