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Train My Team

social media training for lawyers and legal marketers
If you’ve clicked on this link, you’re likely a senior marketer who needs help bringing your team up to speed, or you’re a lawyer or marketer who needs some personal social media training. Either way, you’ve reached the right place.
We’ve worked with people at all levels, from senior partners who have hardly mastered the mouse, to junior staff members – digital natives – who have a larger Twitter following than most firms, but don’t know the inner workings of law firms.

What We Teach You

Social Media 101

We teach individuals and groups, the elements of social media, how it impacts business, and how you can use it to benefit your firm.  You’ll learn how to create accounts, post original content, retweet, follow, manage a LinkedIn page, join relevant groups and more.

Social Media 202 – Social Media and Digital Marketing as a Revenue Generation Tool

In this course, we teach you the philosophy behind using social media to grow your profile and obtain relevant leads. We also cover the development of an extended content campaign, automating campaigns and developing ROI metrics. At the end of the course, you will have the tools necessary to use social media to build customer loyalty, enhance reputation, find the correct channels to develop relevant leads and measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

Personalized Social Media Training

In this course, we customize the program to address issues you’ve faced in using social media, whether it be technical skills or content generation strategies. This program is for individuals who feel more comfortable learning in a one-on-one setting or those who can’t make the other programs.


Digital Marketing Certification for Law Firms

Our on-demand Digital Marketing for Law Firms Certification Course is the only course on the market that is specifically designed for marketing professionals at law firms. It is a challenging course that prepares legal marketers and lawyers with everything they need to know about succeeding with digital marketing. Click here for more information, including the full syllabus.

Let social media fuel your business growth with help from the experts at Good2bSocial.

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