Free eBook: How Lawyers can use Social Media to Make it Rain

There was a time when lawyers were able to merely focus on honing their craft. Lawyers devoted themselves to practice without worrying about marketing or business development. Times have changed. It is no longer sufficient to be a “good” lawyer. Especially if you are looking to generate leads and bring in new business.

This book is designed to help you understand how to take advantage of digital and social channels in order to generate business. You’ll also learn how to use social networks to enhance your personal brand and build a reputation as a thought leader.

This book will help you:

  1. Learn how to use social media to enhance your personal brand
  2. Build your reputation as a thought leader in your area of practice
  3. Understand how to build a strong presence on LinkedIn
  4. Clarify when and how to use Twitter and Google+
  5. Create an action plan for your practice platform
  6. Generate new leads from prospects
  7. Gain new business from existing clients
  8. ….and much more!

As marketing consultants who work with high-achieving, experienced legal professionals from all over the world, we have the privilege of guiding our clients to consciously set and accomplish their goals. When many of our clients first come to us, they are overwhelmed and frustrated because they know they need to leverage the power of social media, but they can’t figure out how to tap into it. They know they need support, accountability and a plan.