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Top Content Marketing Tools for Law Firms

by Kierstin Vermeulen • November 30th, 2016 • Content Marketing | Blog

Content marketing tools for law firmsBuilding a house requires the right tools to get the job done. So does constructing a content marketing campaign. It’s important for your law firm to carefully select what goes in its toolbox, so we’ve put together a list of the best content marketing tools for law firms for creating, curating, and measuring content.


Creating strong content is the foundation of your strategy. There are many platforms on the internet that can help you. Here are three of our favorites:

Content Launch

Content Launch is great for law firms of all sizes. It was originally designed with small businesses in mind, so it has prices for all types of budgets. Content Launch has applications that enable your law firm to plan, create, launch and measure any type of content that helps you connect with your audience and amplify your client base. This service provides web-based editorial calendars, as well as other tools to help your law firm better manage your campaigns and distribute content to 15 integrated platforms. It also provides the opportunity to identify and connect with industry influencers who can help you amplify your message.


DivvyHQ is designed to be your organization’s central hub for managing all content schedules, initiatives, and campaigns. The platform allows content managers and producers to collaboratively plan and produce content assets in real-time, anywhere, on any device. DivvyHQ cuts out endless copyediting email chains and spreadsheets by allowing you to streamline the entire content marketing process. It not only manages workflow for blog content but also social media, videos, webinars, and email campaigns.


ScribbleLive gives marketers, publishers, and agencies everything they need to create effective content. The platform enables you to see all your content plans in one editorial calendar, implement proper workflows and give visibility into how your content is performing. With ScribbleLive you can publish articles and blog posts, track ROI, use data analytics to understand what content is resonating with your audience, host Q&A sessions and run live chats to further keep your audience engaged.


Content curation (the ability to share third-party content and add your analysis) has become an important component of any successful content marketing strategy. Below are three of our favorite platforms to help you to create and curate content:


Curata was formed on the premise of helping marketers solve two problems: the ability to scale content and the capacity to glean actionable insights from your content marketing efforts. Curata CMP (content marketing platform) allows your firm to analyze your content’s marketing and business development impact, streamline your firm’s content production process, and build a predictable content flow. Curata CCS (content creation software) enables firms to publish and promote their content anytime and on any platform.

Trusted by more than 2.5 million professionals and marketers, helps discover great content and allows your firm to add its own insights and analysis to enhance your website SEO and social engagement. This platform allows legal marketers to publish content on their website or directly to the firm’s social media properties.


Percolate can help your law firm coordinate myriad content marketing activities. The platform allows you to curate content from your phone with its new mobile app, Percolate Mobile. The app also enables your lawyers to capture and share moments at live events and stay on top of their own marketing activity. In real time, your firm can now quickly review, comment, and approve campaigns and create content anytime and anywhere.


After creating and curating content, it is important for law firms to measure the impact of their content marketing initiatives to determine what is working and what needs to be adjusted. Tools like Moz, TrackMaven, and SimpleReach make this process simple and efficient.


Moz has quickly become one of the best platforms for digital analytics. Its product, Moz Pro, allows your law firm to track local and global SEO keyword rankings for your law firm website and well as competitor sites. The platform also has an extensive keyword research capability that gives your firm access to a half-billion quality keywords, with millions more added each month. With Moz Pro, your law firm can analyze and track how well your firm’s content is performing and gain insights into how your content is seen and ranked by search engines.


What sets TrackMaven apart from other platforms is the ability to provide competitive intelligence. The platform allows your law firm to compare how it’s performing against a specific competitor. TrackMaven sends you alerts that track your competitor’s social media engagement, viral content marketing, and search engine authority traffic. This information can be useful to see what your firm can be doing differently and where it can improve.


SimpleReach uses your firm’s content marketing history to discover gaps and opportunities. With tools such as, historical reports, it enables marketers to determine which content has worked best on each platform and enables users to improve their content marketing strategy. SimpleReach’s predictive analytics tool can identify which content will drive the most social traffic to your firm’s site so you know which content to promote.

Content marketing tools for law firms are essential for building fully structured and successful content marketing campaigns. It’s important to experiment with different tools to determine which is the best fit for your firm. By simplifying the process of creating, curating and measuring your content marketing efforts, these tools can enhance your ability to engage with your target audience and provide them content that is of value to them.




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