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Karen B. Kahn, Ed.D. PCC

Karen focuses on developing talent in the legal industry. She is a professional who answers the request, “Tell me something I don’t know,” with fascinating responses. She lives on the cutting edge of new ideas and is driven to find new ways to solve old problems as is illustrated in her books Daunting to DOable: You CAN Make It Rain (2015) and 100 Steps to DOable (2018).

Powered by her knowledge as a psychologist, talent as a certified coach, and respected expertise working with lawyers at various levels and roles, Karen has developed a reputation among law firms and law departments as the “go- to” person to generate success in the ever changing world of being an attorney.

The expanse of her work is vast: strategic business development, leadership skills (particularly implementing collaborative models) and building/strengthening gender initiatives that have a true ROI for firms and organizations to name a few. Personally and professionally she is a strong believer and implementer of the people helping people philosophy; she practices what she teaches (and coaches). Whether delivering a program/seminar, consulting with a law firm, or coaching attorneys, Karen seeks to be a valuable, active contributor. Her belief in equality, the power of community, operating with a clear vision, and strong sense of purpose allows her to help organizations take action toward developing cultures where individuals stay and succeed. She accomplishes these goals in one-on-one, group, and workshop formats as well as through organizational collaboration and consulting.

Karen is a frequent presenter for organizations including the National Association of Women Lawyers, Legal Marketing Association, and National Association of Law Placement.

Before advising lawyers, Karen maintained a successful private coaching/psychology practice. She also established herself as a thought leader through her activities as a university professor, author, and developer/leader of more than 1000 seminars and workshops.