Author: Noreen Fishman

A Law Firm Guide to Twitter Ads

Law Firm Guide to Twitter Ads Did you know hundreds of millions of people use Twitter every day? It stands to reason that if Twitter is not a part of your law firm’s marketing plans, you might be missing out. In fact, advertising on Twitter can put your messaging...

6 Best Social Listening Tools for Law Firms

What are the best social listening tools for law firms? Social Media has become an inseparable segment of today’s business world. It is a versatile tool that can not only be used for networking with people but also for monitoring the market response towards the...

10 Ways Lawyers Can Build Trust on Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media is not only a powerful tool to connect with people but also a keystone for building trust for your firm. People nowadays, check out reviews and likes on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc., before hiring a service or purchasing a...
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A Law Firm Guide to Twitter Ads

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