Author: Noreen Fishman

The Benefits of Investing in Paid Social Media

Social media makes up a significant portion of today’s marketing activity, with paid social media advertising representing a large chunk of marketing budgets. In fact, in 2022, ad spending on social media reached over $173 billion. As you can see, lots of companies...

Top Legal Podcasts of 2022

In the legal industry, podcasts have been all the rage for a few years now. They’re a great way for firms to connect with their audience and build relationships with those who want to consume information in a more easily digestible way. However, with such a saturated...
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How AI Marketing Can Help Your Law Firm

Noreen is the director of client services at Good2bSocial. Her primary responsibility is to help clients achieve their digital marketing goals. This includes managing the Good2bSocial team, ensuring constant communication with clients and updating them on their progress. Connect with Noreen on LinkedIn.